Travel to morocco : what do i need to know?

Travel to morocco : what do i need to know

After the announcement of the reopening of the borders on February 7, 2022, the Moroccan authorities announced the new conditions of entry into its territory for trips to Morocco.

Morocco reopened its borders on February 7, 2022, due to the favorable evolution of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Official Portal of the Coronavirus in Morocco

Everyone was waiting for this announcement, from travelers to tourism professionals.

    For travelers, what are the terms and conditions of entry to be observed in order to travel to the Kingdom?

    Travel to morocco : what do i need to know

    To enter Moroccan territory, travelers must present a valid vaccination pass. The vaccination pass is recognized in Morocco as long as it is valid in its country of origin.

    They will also have to present the negative result of a PCR test carried out less than 48 hours before boarding.

    Upon arrival, travelers will also have to carry out a rapid antigen test at one of the Kingdom's airports.

    In addition, some travelers may be randomly selected upon arrival to perform a PCR test. These travelers will be notified of the results at a later date.

    In the new protocol, there is also the possibility of carrying out an additional test at the hotel or at the residence center for tourists, after 48 hours of their entry into the national territory.

    This last measure seems to be optional and a possibility, probably in the event of a resumption of the epidemic.

    Finally, travelers will have to fill out a health form.

    Travel to Morocco: what about children and minors

    Minors aged 12 to 18 are required to present the result of a negative PCR within 48 hours of boarding.

    For children under 12, no vaccination pass or PCR test is required.

    What happens if I test positive?

    Special measures are implemented for people who test positive.

    Positive cases without medical complications will be required to observe sanitary confinement in their place of residence while subjecting them to careful monitoring, indicates the Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs.

    Positive cases with medical difficulties or in critical condition will be transferred to the hospital.

    What health protocol on site

    Travel to morocco : what do i need to know

    The presentation of a vaccination pass is required to travel between prefectures and provinces and to access public and private administrations, hotels, restaurants, cafés, shops, sports halls, and Hammams in the Kingdom.

    Also, wearing a mask is compulsory throughout the Kingdom (just on paper, but not in reality :) ).

    A Valid Passport to enter Morocco

    Travel to morocco : what do i need to know

    For a stay in Morocco, travelers must have a valid passport covering the entire planned stay.

    "The passport is essential, including for groups on an organized tourist trip. Admission to Moroccan territory is no longer possible on presentation of the national identity card alone".

    Morocco: the latest coronavirus counts, charts, and maps


    Entry requirements for Morocco 

    new Update 17-May-2022

    The Moroccan government has decided to cancel the condition of the "PCR for entry into national territory" test, confirmed Moroccan diplomacy on Tuesday evening in a simple tweet. “This decision was taken on the basis of the legal provisions relating to the management of the state of health emergency and the improvement of the epidemiological situation in Morocco” specifies this message from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Cherifian kingdom.

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