8 good reasons to choose Morocco for your seminar

Pack your bags in Morocco for your business trip! In addition to dreaming, the country is an ideal destination for incentive trips or seminars. First, the kingdom of Morocco has many practical aspects, then and above all, it disorients and dazzles with its natural wealth and cultural heritage. In short, do not ask yourself if it is in this country that you should leave with your teams: we easily prove to you that the answer is YES. And why? Because Morocco is...

    A convenient and affordable destination

    You will understand very quickly on the spot that Morocco offers many advantages between luxurious accommodation and a lower cost of living. Rest assured, at the same price in Corsica or Italy, we could not guarantee you the same comfort. So don't wait any longer to fly to a destination that makes your life easier!

    A cultural richness like nowhere else

    Inhabited by the Berbers in prehistory and then governed from the 7th century by the Muslim dynasties, Morocco is a country steeped in history. Moreover, Fez was repeatedly the capital of Morocco before Rabat stole the show at the beginning of the French protectorate. At the same time oriental, Berber and Andalusian, the kingdom is the fruit of many cultural crossings which is reflected in the heritage that you will have the chance to approach.

    It is obvious that a successful seminar goes hand in hand with the discovery of cultural gems, and we cannot say that Morocco lacks it. You will discover that each of its cities has an atmosphere that belongs only to it. In the souks of the imperial cities, pedestrians, donkeys, and carts jostle in the middle of the stalls which sell literally everything. Moroccan culture is also marked by a particular architecture that often mixes Arabesque and Andalusian styles.

    This singularity is manifested in the key monuments of Moroccan cities such as the Bahia Palace in Marrakech or the Hassan II Mosque in Casablanca. Finally, it will be enough for your teams to move a little away from the cities in order to soak up the rural way of life: you will have the chance to visit a saffron plantation operated by Berbers or to take part in a camel ride. to experience the nomadic life. Morocco is therefore a cultural masterpiece that can be conquered as a group! After all, the splendors of the world are made to be shared...

    A gastronomy renowned all over the world

    Qualified as one of the richest gastronomy in the world, the culinary art of Morocco is a jewel that your employees will cherish during their stay. From the stalls in the souks of the medinas to the most luxurious restaurants in contemporary districts, the cuisine will constitute certainly an essential part of the passage of your teams in Morocco.

    You will travel through it tasting its flavors sometimes sweet and sometimes spicy with saffron, ginger, or paprika. These spices with strong smells spread out on the colorful stands in the markets will make you want to get started in Moroccan cuisine. 

    And so much the better! With a bit of luck, you will be able to try your hand at preparing Moroccan dishes during a cooking class which can also take the form of a “Top Chef” type competition.

    But above all, you will have the opportunity to enjoy this gastronomy in a more beautiful setting than in your dreams.

    Whatever palaces, riads, or modern and luxurious hotels you will welcome, you will each time be transported by this cuisine with Berber influences and Andalusian.

    In traditional form or in a revisited way, you will taste couscous, tajines, mechoui, or pastilla in atmospheres that are a little different each time... Cooking is also a vector of rapprochement. Moreover, a delicious meal in good company is a privileged moment in the life of a company. So don't forget, Morocco also stands out for the richness of its gastronomy that your teams will appreciate in all circumstances!.

    A guaranteed change of scenery for your teams

    Far from Western culture, Morocco will make you see all the colors between its mountains, its imperial cities, and its deserts of sand and stones which extend over kilometers...

    Impossible to imagine a more exotic destination so close to home. Lost in the din of the covered markets in the medinas of Fez or Marrakech, you will find yourself a few hours later in a desert where noise and tumult have no place.

    The change of scenery is a vector of rapprochement! We assume that a successful seminar requires sending your employees to a place that will take them away from everyday life. This will allow them to clear their heads in order to come back changed and above all united by extraordinary experiences. 

    The climate in which your teams find themselves directly influences their state of mind and their degree of openness to others.

    In this, Morocco and its wonders offer you an ideal environment because it is conducive to cohesion and sharing between the splendors of nature and cultural jewels. Offering a business trip to Morocco for your employees means allowing them to let go and (re)discover themselves for a better understanding at the office!.

    Endless team-building activities

    Made up of cities, deserts, and mountains, Morocco has the advantage of being a welcoming land for team-building activities. From walks in the medinas of the imperial cities to excursions in the heart of the desert, get ready to experience new moments and sensational in the company of your collaborators. Everyone will discover each other for sure new facets with these group activities!.

    Do your teams have a taste for the new and like to challenge each other? We have what they need! Quad, in the Agafay desert, introduction to kitesurfing in Dakhla, and Moroccan cooking lessons are examples of activities in which we suggest you take part. And whatever the animation of the day, it will be necessary to show team spirit. We understand that one of the objectives of corporate travel is to build a strong and energetic group that will be able to face the challenges that will arise in the company.

    However, it is also a question of returning to more peaceful: beyond sporting or thrilling activities, we, therefore, suggest that you recharge your batteries and let go in spaces in the heart of nature. For example, you can discover Berber culture in the Atlas through encounters or experience the way of life of nomads on the back of camels near Essaouira. No doubt, each of the faces of Morocco will captivate you in its own way!

    An exceptional climate (especially when you leave!)

    How to talk about Morocco without evoking the myth about the sun that reigns there constantly? It's true, Moroccans enjoy many more days of sunshine than most Europeans. The climate of the country is Mediterranean and the average temperature in the year is twenty degrees. If you venture there in the summer, you will even have the chance to see the thermometer approaching thirty degrees and the sun will surely be there. However, we suggest that you focus on the period which stretches from May to June and then from September to November: otherwise, the heat could damage the memory you have of this fabulous destination!

    Crossing the Mediterranean with your teams during this period means allowing them to enjoy the splendors of the Moroccan regions without precipitation (or almost) and under pleasant temperatures between twenty and thirty degrees. And do not panic if a peak of heat is felt, a small traditional cocktail will be there to refresh you! In short, for your seminar, it's a hundred times better to be under the sun! A favorable climate tends to put everyone in a good mood and make participants more energetic and open to discussion. So, fly to Morocco to be sure to enjoy its benefits: your employees will come back more dynamic than ever!

    Various but always luxurious accommodations

    Palaces and riads with arabesque elegance are very numerous in Moroccan cities. These places will welcome your teams in magical settings. The imperial cities may be hectic, but they offer many spaces where relaxation and tranquility reign supreme. House traditional in the heart of the city or a nature reserve in the desert, your employees will have the means to let go and really disconnect: after all, isn't that one of the main objectives of a company trip?

    The advantage of Morocco is that you can find all kinds of accommodation there and that these places are very often tasteful. For example, you can choose to accommodate your teams in a riad traditional. Sometimes located in the heart of the medinas, these are characterized by their doors vaults that you cross to reach a usually green and air-conditioned patio.

    On the contrary, you can opt for larger hotels in more contemporary areas. True oases of modernity in the middle of the city, these establishments will immerse your employees in luxury with spacious rooms and impeccable service. Finally, how about recharging your batteries in the heart of the desert? We can take your teams to eco-lodges built with respect for traditional constructions and whose ecological dimension does not detract from comfort and standing!.

    In the end, the best thing is for you to realize it for yourself: wherever you are in Morocco, only exceptional places will welcome your teams!

    Unique meeting places to stimulate the creativity of your teams

    A company trip to escape and get away from the office for a while? Yes, but that does prevent no more formal moments punctuating the trip. What we appreciate in Moroccan accommodation is that they often have places suitable for corporate events. We even offer you rather unusual places to bring your employees together...

    Beyond party venues and palace restaurants, many establishments offer vast meeting spaces elegantly decorated so that your speeches remain etched in the memoirs.

    Often arranged at your request, you can take your place in these rooms spacious sometimes decorated in a Moorish style. Even in the heart of the desert, the reserves that will welcome you are often equipped for business trips and offer meeting rooms grandiose to communicate with your collaborators! For example, you will have the opportunity unprecedented to conduct meetings under giant tents on cushions or in full sun on the exterior...

    In summary, you will never be short of space to organize all kinds of receptions and meetings under the roofs or the sky of Morocco: the establishments which welcome you, each more luxurious than the other, offer you the best to inform your teams!

    "So, are you determined to fly with your teams to THE destination made for corporate travel? We take you! Between its ease of access, its radiant sun, and its cultural heritage, the Kingdom of Morocco will in no way disappoint you. Even more, your employees will be transported on a trip from which they will come back stimulated and more united!"

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