Appropriate Clothing For Morocco

Appropriate Clothing For Morocco

If you are planning to travel to Morocco anytime soon then you probably want to know what you can and cannot wear there.

I’ll do my best to explain what is appropriate clothing for Morocco from my first-hand experience.

Having traveled to and lived in Morocco for the past 6 years now I can tell you first off it's a very relaxed and open place and welcomes all visitors from around the world.

Nothing to worry about and you will be very welcome there!

Like any other country, they do have some rules and regulations but in general, as long as you behave (same as in any country) then there is nothing to worry about whilst there.

Clothing to Wear for Ladies in Morocco


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As with many items of clothing, dresses are perfectly normal to wear in Morocco. The weather varies throughout the year from spring to autumn a nice loose-flowing dress will be a great addition to have in your possession to keep you cool.

The summers can get up to 40 degrees Celsius so loose clothing is very popular amongst tourists traveling to Morocco.


With a skirt, they are also allowed and the type and length of the skirt are left open to you but bear in mind anyway if you decide to expose yourself then expect some eyeballs to be on you.


Trousers are perfectly acceptable in Morocco, they are also comfortable and will be suitable for the different temperatures throughout the year that the wear may bring in during your visit.


Fashionable and easy-to-wear pieces of clothing and leggings are also allowed in Morocco. Many tourists wear comfortable clothes as you will no doubt be spending time traveling around the country and seeing different tourist places and places of interest.

Skinny Jeans

With the fashion trend of skinny jeans, I've seen many ladies wearing them, and again no issues. Morocco as I mentioned is a very open and welcoming place to visit and nobody will bother you for wearing skinny jeans.

Swimsuits and bikinis

Down at the beach or around the pool at your hotel, swimsuits and bikinis are allowed. Again, you should choose to dress as appropriate for the given situation you will be in and dress to be comfortable as well as consider your fashion sense!


It is a really good idea to have a couple of hats with you as you travel around you will come across sun and shade. I highly advise having a hat with you in order to keep your face and head protected from the sun.

A hat is a must-have if you go for example on a trip to the Sahara desert as it will keep you well-protected from sunstroke when in the desert.


Keep in mind you will probably be out and about quite a lot n Morocco touring the places to visit. Make sure to take some comfortable walking shoes/sneakers and heels and sandals!

Clothing to Wear for Men in Morocco


As I covered above, a few pairs of trousers is advisable to help you feel comfortable and in fashion whilst in Morocco. You may find yourself going out for a meal in the evening or a walk along the beaches. Trousers are very comfortable in most cases and I always recommend taking a few pairs on any trip I go on.


Shorts also are a good choice, the weather can get hot and feeling relaxed in a nice pair of shorts is advisable. Knee length or thigh length is not an issue. Men in general in Morocco are usually wearing trousers, jogging pants, or a Jalabia/Jellaba (local Morocco gown).

Jogging pants

Jogging pants are the ultimate comfort when traveling. I tend to wear mine though when I'm on the plane or chilling at the hotel. If I'm going on a trip to the Atlas mountains then I may wear jogging bottoms just so I can walk and move freely. Perfectly acceptable in Morocco!


A pair of nice even shoes or slip-on for walking along the promenade or corniche will be a good idea. As well as some sneakers for good walks and a pair of sandals for around the pool.


Linen shirts are advisable in Morocco to support when the weather gets into higher temperatures and to keep you feeling comfortable. I usually have some with me and they are also handy for multi-uses ie down at the beach, evening dinners, etc.


A must is to have some T-shirts! I'm a bit of a polo shirt guy so love to have several with me when I travel. They just “work” and I like that I can mix them up with a pair of trousers, jeans, or shorts and they still look cool!


Winters in Morocco can get down to the single digits Celcius so it's advisable if you plan to travel in winter to pack some warmer clothing such as sweaters and a coat.

With the Atlantic Ocean running through most of Morocco, the winds can bring in colder weather and you should have some nice warm clothing to help you comfortable.

It can also rain in Winter in Morocco so again make sure you have a lightweight waterproof jacket with you to keep dry!


Summers in Morocco are wonderful. The weather is very comfortable however in Morocco or inland close to the Atlas Mountains, then the weather can get very hot. I'd definitely have looser linen-style clothing for summer to help keep you comfortable and dry.

In summary

I hope this helped you a little in preparing for what clothing is appropriate for Morocco and also some insight into the weather in Morocco.

Overall you should be worrying about what is and isn't allowed. Most people are super friendly there and you won’t be stopped for wearing xya pieces of clothing.

Dress sensibly and just be comfortable.

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