How much does a trip to Morocco cost?

How much does a trip to Morocco cost

Ah… Morocco! The land of camels, mint tea, sand dunes, and souks! For a change of scenery, a complete change of scenery, and a dream trip, the editorial staff can only advise you to head to Morocco. From its benevolent people to its splendid landscapes, passing by the tourist atmosphere which reigns in the big cities of the country throughout the year, this destination will know how to delight you if you want to both brown your butt and discover a new culture!.

    Choose your destination and home

    Depending on the style of travel you want to treat yourself to and the size of your wallet, you will be heading to different cities and various structures. Some Moroccan cities overlook the sea, while others do not. You will have to define first if you want to swim in salt water or not!.

    Depending on your budget, you can opt for a visit to a single city or a road trip across the country! Also assume that the more the city is known for its tourist appeal, the more expensive it will be. Dare to visit small towns, they have many surprises in store for you. They also have the advantage of having kept the authentic charm of Morocco.

    We move on to housing. Three possibilities are available to you; hotels, Airbnb, or Riads. If you want balneotherapy to stay, massages, and facials, it is to the first that you will have to turn. For more autonomy, Airbnb or any other form of rental that uses the same concept (it is not uncommon, if you feel like an adventurer, to find advertisements almost everywhere in town intended for tourists who need shelter) will make you perfectly happy. Finally, the Riads, a sort of Moroccan guest house, combine a clever mix of the two. Indeed, you benefit from free breakfast, comfort, and cleanliness at a much more affordable price than hotels. It is necessary to count 50 euros per night in these lodgings.

    Finally, the season obviously influences the prices. Avoid the summer season and school holidays as much as possible! A little advice from the editorial staff: before booking anything, snoop around on the internet! Golden opportunities can be hidden there.


    Leisure budget

    Having a roof over your head is good, but sightseeing is better! We list the essentials:

    1 Moroccan Dirham equals
    0.093 Euro
    0.10 United States Dollar

    Camel ride: 15 euros/person.

    Quad in the middle of the desert: 38 euros/person.

    Dinner at Ali (dinner show): 45 euros/person.

    Excursion (by bus) to the falls: 25 euros/person.

    Khaima (Tente): 15 euros/person.

    Various restaurants: 15 euros/person.

    Guided tour of the different places in the chosen city: between 30 and 50 euros/person.

    Finally, the editorial team was able to make a 7-night getaway to Marrakech, in a Riad run by a most adorable old lady, doing all the typical tourist activities, conclusion: a budget of around 1000 euros will be enough for two people (tickets plane included).

    Choose your accommodation in Morocco

    Morocco is a country of a thousand colors and has the most varied landscapes. From the fine sandy beaches by the sea to the sumptuous landscapes of the Atlas Mountains, Morocco is a country that attracts many visitors. The idea is to take a vacation rental, at Sun location for example, in order to be able to have the freedom that you probably have less when you stay in a hotel. Indeed, a rental makes it possible to dispense with the constraints that can be encountered at the hotel and allow, especially with family, to have a friendly and comfortable place.

    The main cities to visit in Morocco

    This list is of course indicative, but it allows you to see the country in all its facets. First, it should be remembered that when we think of “Morocco”, we think of Marrakech as a priority.

    Visit Morocco, It is true that this city breathes both the tradition and the modernity of the old Chérifien empire. The "ocher city", which was the capital of the kingdom for 350 years, is very easily accessible since it is only 3 hour flight from Paris. Its Medina, and its picturesque alleys filled with a joyful and colorful crowd ensure an immediate change of scenery. Of course, the marvelous Majorelle gardens are a must-visit, just as one cannot leave the old capital without having visited the Palmeraie a little further north. But it is not the only city worth a detour. If the mountains in the distance serve as a backdrop to Marrakech, Fez, like Meknes and Rabat, also has the status of an imperial city and deserves to be seen. 

    Located 180 kilometers from the current capital, Fez is considered the spiritual capital of the country. With its Medina listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the city can boast of having the oldest known university in the world. But the city is also known for its crafts and its tanner's district, where visitors can witness the entire leather manufacturing process.

    For those who prefer seaside resorts and the beach, Agadir basks on the seafront and has huge sandy beaches. Admittedly, the seaside resorts are generally frequented by many tourists, but Agadir allows you to combine a change of scenery and the joys of swimming, including water sports. Unfortunately, devastated by an earthquake in 1960, the city was completely rebuilt two kilometers further south. There are only a few rare vestiges of the old ramparts that you absolutely have to see. Of course, it is absolutely necessary to visit the Souk El Had which is the largest urban souk in Africa. Its 6000 shops are full of wonders. 

    Craftsmanship is omnipresent and craftsmen work with leather, copper, jewelry, ceramics, and carpets, but there is also food. The stalls of the shops are overflowing with fruits and vegetables, interspersed with lush pyramids of various spices. To see even more authentic zouk, do not hesitate to move away from Agadir and visit the Berber souk of Inezgane and its medina. All the authenticity of Morocco is there. Of course, there are many other cities to visit. But you can also discover the country by going off the beaten track. Tourists too often forget to go and see the absolutely extraordinary remains of Volubilis, the great Roman city of Volubilis. 

    It is also possible to go to the south of Morocco by following the road that runs along with the Atlas. This route is famous for its switchbacks and the fabulous gorges it crosses.

    The formalities to be completed

    As with all trips abroad, a number of formalities must be completed. They are quite simple. Tourists using the services of a travel agency generally do not have to worry about this chapter. For those who prepare their own trip, you should always start by checking the website of the country's embassy to be sure that there are no last-minute changes. Although French and Monégasque nationals or those from almost all the European Union and Switzerland are exempt from a visa and can content themselves with a valid passport, it should nevertheless be remembered that tourist stays must be limited to three months. 

    If the planned stay should be longer, it will be necessary to approach the embassy to have valid residence permits.

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