11 essential things to do in Nador, Morocco

things to do in Nador

Are you spending your holidays in Morocco and wondering what to do in Nador? Discover with us the 11 essentials of the city and its surroundings!

Nador is a Mediterranean city in Morocco's Rif Oriental region, in the northeast. It is a city that is still not very touristy, although its airport is the largest and most important in the region. Its economy is mainly provided by fishing and aquaculture, even before tourism or other areas. In this city, you will find magnificent beaches bordering azure water and great places to relax! You can also go to many local restaurants to enjoy local food. Of course, that's not all. Nador is also a city full of places to visit, both modern and historical. And if you move a little away from the city center, you can even do many hikes in the nearby mountains.

Want to learn about the city's attractions while you're in Nador? We present here the 11 essential things to do in Nador!

    1. Nador Lagoon

    Nador Lagoon

    Nador Lagoon, also called Mar Chica, is the lagoon along the Mediterranean coast of Nador. It is almost isolated from the sea by its very small opening and is nearly 115 km² in area.

    This place is a wonderful place to visit if you were wondering what to do in Nador. You will find many more beautiful beaches than the other, but also many hikes. These are carried out on the lagoon, but also at the heights surrounding it.

    2. Hike to Gourougou


    Located near the lagoon of Nador, Mount Gourougou belongs to the Rif Oriental. With a fairly low summit, culminating at 800 meters above sea level, it is a protected place, but popular for hiking.

    There are various hiking routes that begin in Nador, as well as in the nearby villages. You can admire the incredible biodiversity of the place, especially during the months of March to June, when the vegetation is lush. It is not uncommon to be able to harvest a few aromatic plants such as thyme, mint, or rosemary. Once at the top, do not hesitate to take some magnificent photos of the mountain and its surroundings! You will see, that the view is breathtaking.

    3. Kasbah De Selouane

    Do you want to know what to do in Nador to understand its historical significance? Kasbah De Selouane is the place to go! It is an old fortification located in the province of Nador, in Selouane to be precise. It dates from the 17th century and was built during the reign of Moulay Ismaïl ibn Sharif, an Alaouite sultan.

    You can walk in the alleys of the city, located inside the ramparts. During your walk, you will see many stone constructions dating back several centuries, as well as some vestiges. A real step back in time awaits you! It is really a place to see when you choose to visit Nador

    4. The Church of Santiago el Mayor

    Do you like churches? When you visit Nador, keep in mind that there is one to see! The Church of Santiago el Mayor is one of the few Christian monuments in the city. It was built in the 20th century according to eclectic architecture, mixing several styles.

    You will be able to see its nave and its various false chapels built to give an impression of grandeur. In addition, once inside, you can admire the period furniture that adorns the premises. Many religious features, such as paintings and frescoes, are also present.

    5. Cape Three Forks

    Cape Three Forks

    Wondering what to do in and around Nador? Why not take a walk to Cap des Trois Fourches "3 forks"? This is located 25 km from the city center and can be reached by renting a car in Nador.

    It is a place not very frequented by tourists, which promises you a moment of calm away from the tourist sites. This place is very wild and is appreciated for camping during the most beautiful months of the year. You will be able to find a few small local villages, but no hotels in the area. It is therefore the perfect place for nature lovers! And for those who want to take a step back from their current lifestyle, this is also a great place.

    6. The souks of Nador

    souk nador

    Like any city in Morocco, Nador has magnificent and very diverse souks to visit. Admittedly, they are not as important as the souks of Marrakech, but they are still worth a visit! The most popular are the Oulad Mimoun and Al Mourekeb souks.

    This is a must-do for anyone wishing to visit Nador! You will find in these places an explosion of flavors, smells, and colors. Browse the bustling streets of the souks and discover spices, dishes, and products from local crafts.

    7. Nador corniche

    Nador corniche

    The Corniche of Nador is a platform along the lagoon of the city. There, you can take a walk to enjoy the view of the sea! The best time is early evening when the city's illuminations reflect in the water. Of course, the Corniche has much more to offer. You can find many merchants, but also restaurants, where you will have the opportunity to taste the best local dishes.

    8. The cave of Ifri N'Ammar

    Located outside the city, the cave of Ifri N'Ammar is a must-do when you want to visit Nador. It is a cave containing many testimonies of the Paleolithic era. Painting on the wall, and vestiges, it is an ideal place for archeology lovers and the curious!

    9. Jebel Ouichane

    Located not far from Nador, Jebel Ouichane is a mountain culminating at 674 meters above sea level. This one is inhabited, but it remains an ideal place for hiking or camping.

    A bit like Gourougou, but less known, this mountain has great biodiversity. You can admire the fauna and flora, but also harvest aromatic herbs. Nevertheless, what remains most impressive is the panoramic view offered over the region. This will allow you to take great pictures!

    10. Ras El Ma Beach

    Ras El Ma Beach

    Ras El Ma, also called Cap-de-l'Eau, is a small town in the province of Nador. Quieter than the city of Nador, and nevertheless very close to it, Ras El Ma has magnificent beaches. The advantage is that few tourists go to this area. So you can lie quietly on the sand, or enjoy hiking on the cliffs bordering the Mediterranean.

    11. Also to see in Nador

    Are you wondering what to do in Nador apart from the above must-sees? So here are some ideas for you for visits and activities in or near the city:

    • Enjoy the red beach
    • Stay in the city of Atalayoun
    • Take a walk on Kariat Arkmane Beach
    • Quad biking at Boqueronesa beach
    • Take a boat trip on the Nador Lagoon

    How to get to Nador?

    There are various options for getting to Nador depending on your starting point. This city in northeastern Morocco is indeed accessible by car, taxi, bus, or train. For example, it is possible to take a night bus to get to Nador from Marrakech. The journey will nevertheless be approximately thirteen hours.

    You can also land at Nador airport and then take a taxi or a shuttle to get to the city center. You can fly from any airport in the country. 

    Where to stay in Nador?

    When looking to rent a hotel in Nador, choose along the Mar Chica lagoon. This area is the most tourists of all, and above all, the one where most people speak English or French. In addition, you will have a magnificent view of the city's beaches and the azure water.

    However, if you want more calm, it is possible to rent Airbnb away from tourist areas. You can also consider the camping option if you are a nature lover! In any case, our hotel comparator will help you find the ideal accommodation for you.

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