12 most beautiful places to visit in Morocco

Do you dream of a thousand and one nights, of tales and wonders, of enchantment and a change of scenery? So let yourself be transported to the twelve most beautiful places in Morocco.

12 most beautiful places to visit in Morocco

Close your eyes. Imagine. It's hot. Everywhere around you, architecture bursting with details and colors, squares overflowing with life, stalls piled up in the alleys, tempting smells, spices tickling your taste buds, friendly people at every door.

Travel a little further. Immense dunes, breathtaking mountains, a sea as far as the eye can see, other lands, houses in the rock, herds of goats in the villages.

You are in Morocco.

The good news? The dream can easily come true. The worst? It will be difficult to choose which places to visit in Morocco as there is so much to discover. But don't panic, we are here and we offer you a mini-guide to the twelve most beautiful places in Morocco.


    1. Toudgha Gorge

    12 most beautiful places to visit in Morocco

    In southern Morocco, explore the Atlas mountain range. Take the road in the heart of the Toudgha valley. Along the way, cleave three hundred meter-high limestone cliffs. You enter the lodges of Todgha.

    To visit Morocco and experience the grandeur of its landscapes, the Toudgha Gorges are among the most fabulous. You will have the feeling of being engulfed by these giants of nature. Then, the center of the gorges is accessible on foot. You will be able to take a dip in the water of the Toudgha wadi, the river which waters the valley and gives it its amazing fertility. During your walk, above all, look up! Don't be surprised at the rock climbers you find clinging to the sides of the cliffs.

    2. The Dades Gorges

    12 most beautiful places to visit in Morocco

    In an equivalent style, the Dades Gorges are equally spectacular. They are located further west of the Todgha Gorge. They once again bear witness to the incredible beauty of southern Morocco. The houses blend into the rock, the views are dizzying, the geological formations fascinating and the colors unbelievable. For those wishing to visit Morocco in the style of the Grand Canyon, this is a place not to be missed.

    For an unforgettable memory, admire the immensity of the Dadès gorges at sunset from one of the highest points above the road. Finally, you will notice that these are also the playground of hiking and climbing enthusiasts.

    3. Merzouga and the dunes of the Sahara

    12 most beautiful places to visit in Morocco

    It's hard not to go through the Sahara when you want to visit Morocco. In the southeast of the country nestles the Saharan village of Merzouga. It is the ideal gateway to exploring the largest Moroccan dunes. Also called Erg Chebbi, this lunar massif of the Sahara offers a real postcard landscape. Here, it is the desert, the dunes, and the camels as you have always imagined them! As far as the eye can see, you will find only a sea of ​​golden sand.

    To enjoy this exceptional place during your stay in Morocco, many activities are available to you: a camel ride, a night under the stars with Saharouis nomads, a night in Berber bivouacs, or simply a sporty walk on foot.

    4. Paradise Valley 

    12 most beautiful places to visit in Morocco

    A place that lives up to its name! Although this is a route known to tourists, we advise you to visit this valley. Visiting Morocco also means discovering sumptuous oases. Precisely, the Valley of Paradise is one of the most sublime. At the gates of Agadir, this marvel of nature offers streams, waterfalls, natural pools of turquoise water, stunning gorges, and great biodiversity. Do not hesitate to inquire about the hiking trails. With or without a guide, do not hesitate to explore the less-traveled paths. An opportunity to awaken the adventure in you during a trip to the lands of Morocco.

    5. Ait-Ben-Haddou

    12 most beautiful places to visit in Morocco

    Aït-ben-Haddou stands in the province of Ouarzazate. It is a Moroccan Ksar: a fortified village typical of the Maghreb erected here on the side of a hill. Its value and its preservation are so exceptional that the village is classified as a UNESCO heritage site. You understand why this is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Morocco.

    Aït-Ben-Haddou looks like a pile of red-earth dwellings and corner towers surrounded by defensive walls. The ocher and caramel colors of the brick are breathtaking.


    6. Fint Oasis

    12 most beautiful places to visit in Morocco

    To the south of Ouarzazate, discover the Oasis of Fint. Meaning "hidden" in Berber, this enclave opens the doors to a true paradise. After visiting Morocco, you will understand that it is a land of striking contrasts.

    Here, the luxuriant nature of the palm grove contrasts with the blushing cliffs. The Oasis of Frint is also a wonderful witness to the ingenuity of Moroccans. The irrigation system allows the constant growth of vegetation in a harsh environment. Especially since the plantations of the palm grove are never done at random...

    7. Ouzoud Waterfalls


    12 most beautiful places to visit in Morocco

    Looking for what to visit in Morocco after enjoying the frenzy of one of the imperial capitals? Ouzoud waterfalls will make you happy! It is undeniably one of the most natural sites in Morocco.

    These one-hundred-and-ten-meter-high waterfalls tumble over three levels dug into the rock. To visit the Ouzoud waterfalls, follow a hiking trail leading you through the forest, to meet all kinds of merchants and monkeys. Be careful, these are real chippers!

    When you arrive at the foot of the waterfalls, you will feel tiny and you will not resist the urge to approach these gigantic falls. Take a strange boat to cross to the other side and take a tajine break facing the gigantic falls. On the way back, the panoramas are just as prodigious. Go in search of the place where you can see the rainbow above the waterfalls.

    8. Chefchaouene


    12 most beautiful places to visit in Morocco

    To visit Morocco through its cities, there are several essentials. Among them: is Chefchaouen or the blue city. Very photogenic, this small town is known for its facades, arches, its alleys, and its houses entirely painted in blue.

    While surveying Chefchaouen, you will discover a city with surreal decorations whose charm operates immediately. The tangles of the streets give the impression of an enchanted labyrinth. Impossible not to be captivated by this indigo maze, sometimes lively and electric, sometimes pale or soft.

    As you gain height, the bluish hues of the city offer a magical panorama. During your visit to Chefchaouen, be sure to admire this view at sunset.

    9. Marrakech

    12 most beautiful places to visit in Morocco

    Obviously, you think of Marrakech if you are asked what to visit in Morocco. But where you will have escaped, we confirm that the tourist capital is indeed one of the most beautiful places in Morocco. Day and night, the red city exerts an incredible attraction:

    • The crazy atmosphere of the Jamaa El-Fna square;
    • The superb Marjorelle Garden
    • The marvelous mazes of the souks;
    • Itinerant shops;
    • The essential Palmeraie of Marrakech
    • The ubiquitous colors and lights;
    • Larigot tire couscous;
    • Exotic and majestic gardens;
    • The palaces crumbling with ornament and detail;
    • Historic buildings and the Koutoubia Mosque;
    • Secret and refined raids;
    • The rooftops overlook the incredible Medina.
    • In short, in Marrakech, you will find your thousand and one night's atmosphere.

    10. Fez

    12 most beautiful places to visit in Morocco

    Do you want to visit refined, historical, and artistic Morocco? So head to Fez, a mythical city full of attractions.

    The Medina, or old town, of Fez, is reputed to be the most beautiful in the country. Its charm comes from its ubiquitous traces of the past. The imprint of history is drawn on each school, mosque, or alley. The best thing is to get lost in these colors of the time.

    A visit to the Chouara tannery in Fez is also a must. Stroll between the pools and then take to the heights on these colorful terraces. One of the most beautiful live shows during your stay at Al Fassi.

    Morocco is also known for its ceramics, and it is in Fez that you will find the most beautiful works. Their characteristic? This piercing blue, whose recipe remains secret. Pottery from Fez is one of the best souvenirs to bring back from a trip to Morocco.

    11. Essaouira

    12 most beautiful places to visit in Morocco

    For a Moroccan stay, why not visit Morocco by the sea? Essaouira is a port city with a fresh and authentic atmosphere. Stroll around its port where hundreds of boats are tossed about, go around its ramparts, and savor the delicious products straight from the sea.

    Essaouira is a favorite destination to visit in Morocco if you are looking for more peace and quiet. The general atmosphere is enveloping, and the colors are soft, although you will find a certain effervescence at the fish auction or in the souks. Essaouira is also a pearl for photographers since its sunsets are reputed to be among the most beautiful in Morocco.


    12. Dakhla

    12 most beautiful places to visit in Morocco

    Dakhla is synonymous with immensity and pristine land. It is an ideal place to visit Morocco off the beaten track. In the extreme south of Morocco, the place merges between desert and ocean. The sand dunes are white, the landscapes sometimes lunar, the crystal clear waters, the wild beaches and it is an Eden for water sports enthusiasts. Besides them, few people still know this jewel of the Moroccan side.

    The Dakhla lagoon, its wild beaches, and Dragon Island are small paradises for basking in the sun, discovering the natural pools, or camping under the stars. Around Dakhla, you can also enjoy an excursion in the desert, a free fish pedicure session in Imlili, or the Asmaa hot springs.

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