A practical travel guide to Morocco

    A practical travel guide to Morocco

    List of useful applications for your stays in Morocco

    Below is a non-exhaustive list of mobile applications ideal for travelers, which can be useful during your stay in Morocco.

    morocco weather

    The Morocco Weather application provides weather forecasts (time, wind, humidity, tides, solunar activity, ephemeris, alerts) for cities in Morocco for five days. It also gives you access to the weather in real-time at any moment. time of the day.

    Darija dialect

    This application is designed to help you understand, read, and speak the Moroccan dialect. You won't hesitate to bargain prices in the market or show your love to your beloved Moroccan prince or princess using a selection of words and phrases that are right for you.

    ONCF (National trains office) traffic

    ONCF TRAFIC is a mobile application of the National Railways Office (ONCF). To facilitate your mobility, the new ONCF TRAFFIC app allows you to be informed of the state of the traffic and the circulation of your train.

    CTM (bus company)

    The CTM Mobile app is the best way to buy CTM travel tickets from your smartphone. Travel with very high-quality coaches and enjoy a unique travel experience.

    All-night drugstoreMorocco

    You can consult this service to see the pharmacy on duty in Morocco closest to you according to the cities and sectors of each city over an interval of one The current week runs from Monday through Sunday.

    Motorways of Morocco

    The application uses your Smartphone's GPS to inform you in real-time of traffic events (accidents, works, traffic jams, etc.) during your journeys on the motorways. You can also choose the sections and time slots in which you want to be informed. It also displays the current toll fee and announces nearby sites of interest, allowing you to better plan your breaks...

    Essential language and vocabulary

    Discovering a country is also learning its language.

    Morocco has two official languages, which are Arabic and Amazigh, but French is also spoken and understood by almost all Moroccans.

    Spanish is widespread in the northern and southern regions of Morocco.

    The Amazigh language, whose alphabet is the Tifinagh, is the common heritage of all Moroccans.

    Classical or Literary Arabic is used in the administrative environment. The language used orally by Moroccans is Darija (Moroccan dialect). It is a mixture of Arabic, Amazigh, French, and Spanish.

    To mingle with local people and fully enjoy your stay, there are certain words in Darija that you need to master. This will allow you to stand out from the crowd of classic tourists and show that you are making an effort in the country.

    Here are some phrases and words to keep in mind throughout your trip to Morocco, who knows you might need them one day :

    Common words

    English                 =             Darija

    Hello/good night        =     Salam / Msa Lkheir

    How are you doing ?   =     Kidayr, Labas ?

    Very well thanks and you ?  =  Labas hamdollah, o nta ?

    sorry                  =                Smahli

    Welcome           =                Marhba

    Goodbye            =               Beslama

    Thank you so much)   =    Chokran (bezzaf)

    Yes / No             =               ah / La

    What's your name ?       =   Chno Smitek


    English                 =             Darija

    How much is it ?        =     Bch'hal afak?

    It's a good market      =      Tamane mezyane

    It is cheap!         =        R'khiss

    It's too expensive!        =      Ghali bezzaf

    Can you lower the price?     =     Nkass tamane Afak

    Money                =              Floss

    I like I do not like             =         Aâjabni / Maâjabnich


    English                 =             Darija

    Where is ...? / How to go to...? = Fin kayn...? / Kifach namchi li ...?

    Bank                  =           Banka

    Station               =            Mahatta

    Downtown         =            Ouastt lamdina

    Hospital             =             Sbitar

    Straight              =            Nichane

    Left right           =            Limane

    North South East West  =   Chamal / Janoub / Charq / Gharb

    Route                 =            Triq

    Times/dates and days

    English                 =             Darija

    What time is it?   =       Ch'hal f saâa

    When?                =        Fouqach?

    Yesterday Today Tomorrow   =    Lbareh / Lyum / ghedda

    Monday Tuesday Wednesday =  Thursday Tnine / Tlat / Larbaâ /  Khmiss 

    Friday Saturday Sunday  =  Joumouâ / Sabt / al Had

    Health / emergency / safety

    English                 =             Darija

    I want to see a doctor    =    Bghit nchouf Tbib

    Call a doctor / ambulance  =   Âayat l Tbib / lambilance

    Danger                     =               Khatar

    Help                     =              Âatkouni

    I'm lost!                =                Tlaft!

    Toilet                      =              Mirhad

    I feel sick               =            Ana mrid


    A practical travel guide to Morocco

    Do I need a visa to enter Morocco? What are the passport requirements? Get some essential information to make traveling easier.

    Visa and passport

    The requirement for a visa is determined by your nationality. The maximum duration of a tourist excursion is 90 days for all nationalities. An extension request is made to the nearest police station to stay an additional 90 days.

    For foreign nationals arriving in Morocco as part of an organized trip, a valid passport must cover at least the duration of their stay in Morocco.

    To avoid any inconvenience when you arrive in Morocco, make sure you have a valid passport in your possession.

    Means of payment

    The change

    Within airports, in some hotels, in banks, and in cities, exchange offices are available to facilitate your accessibility. For the transaction, the counters will need your passport.

    International bank card

    Your bank will inform you of the locations where you can withdraw funds. ATM bank counters are widespread throughout Morocco. Visa or MasterCard international credit cards are accepted by most hotels, restaurants, shops, and gas stations.