How to learn Moroccan Arabic (Darija) ?

How to learn Moroccan Arabic (Darija) ?
What is the best way to learn Moroccan Arabic? This includes free resources, tips, and full advice on the Blabla Darija platform.

What is Darija?

Moroccan dialect has more than 30 million speakers (33.5 million according to Wikipedia): it is Morocco's spoken language. There are indeed many literary and French Arabic in Moroccan society: road signs or advertisements, administrative papers... they are usually (with the exception of a few ads) in classical Arabic, translated into French.

At school, darija is not taught. The dialect is for the recreational court. It is therefore a kind of Arabic spoken (on the street) influenced by Berber, French, and Spanish.

Since the Internet and the use of instant messengers or social networks, written (phonetic) language has been invented with Latin characters and figures.

Why learn Arabic dialectal?

Around you, as soon as you're walking, you go to the mosque, do your races: you hear darija.

If you don't talk about it, you can't dare to talk and contain you, just look for Francophones, immigrants like you, to talk at ease: this is not the aim.

But the risk too is to be very frustrated not to be able to express everything we really think. To be unable to encourage the right, or to punish the badger le And to always be considered as a foreigner even after a number of years.

Learning Moroccan Arabic free of charge

Interesting and free learning resources can be found on the Internet.

This is the case, for example, with Youtube. There are several channels that can be profitable. However, it may be difficult to find on this platform a real structure and pedagogy. But if you already have bases in Arabic, you may be able to agree.

The site SpeekMoroccan . It is a kind of online dictionary.

Such a framework for application Learning Darija Morocco Many vocabularies but no pronunciation.

It is really harmful to a language that uses almost exclusively in oral language.

If you want to learn these tools free of charge, you should agree.

The Blabla Darija platform: our opinion

For just a year, a new method of learning online darija has emerged: Blabla Darija. Can you have heard of this?

This was a real blow: we really didn't hesitate to buy it! It is a life-accessible online training at a very attractive price. You can find:

  • An introduction to darija to learn pronunciation and written transcription
  • Grammar rules
  • Many verbs and their conjugation
  • Dialogues based on your level
  • A vocabulary of incredible wealth
  • Monthly evaluations and tests

And every Friday a “carred” course: professional, simple, clear and effective (Allahumma baarik)

Do you think it's all? Well not :)

You can also send audio files and be corrected.

Now that the presentations are made, let's see the advantages and disadvantages of this method.

The cons of this method:

Everything is phonetic and oral (it is normal because it is used in this way). However, when we learned to read Arabic, it is hard to return to phontics.

You need a certain motivation and personal discipline: you don't go with anyone. Like free methods: you will have to be regular if you really want to make progress (small clinically in my own right).

The apros of this method:

The price is already, say frankly. With a view to the quality of content and knowing that the platform is accessible for life (and that it can benefit the whole household de ).

Clear quality: well explained and serious, on the contrary, we do not feel harmed.

Freedom: you can take computer or smartphone courses almost anywhere in sum. You can review the course as much as you wish.

Classification of vocabulary by theme. (also available in alphabetical order) In this way, you can focus on the topics you are most interested in.

All audios: for an oral language, it is the basis les

Regular exercises and updates: even one year after there is always a new course every Friday and new tests every month de

And if you hesitate, what I can understand perfectly: I invite you to discover the platform for a dozen minutes to get your own idea de By registering, you will also receive two free courses.

Learning Moroccan Arabic easily: Tips !

The dictionary

Having a dictionary available in his bag may still be very practical to start in a conversation where to simply change some support. Having a small book alongside and at a low price allows learning to be revised and diversified.

Application (free L) Anki

It is available on IOS in Android and I clearly recommend it !

Whatever you want to review: you need Anki. This application allows you to make your own virtual flashcards. You know: it's these cards that you go back to know the answer. You can put text, images, and audio. You take a little time to do it (progressively) and it will not only allow you to retain the word by making your card, but also make a ludique and random revision. You did not understand everything? It is indeed difficult to explain all the functionality and benefits of this application de So I think the best is that you still have the test by yourself.)


Learning is good but doing better, If you are already in Morocco, you have to start it’ If this is not the case or you don't feel comfortable enough, do it with Moroccan people of your entourage (friend), colleague, belle-family...

To better retain vocabulary, use it in your daily lives. If you don't know how to buy bread?" but you learned that khoubz means bread. You can say “Do you have to buy khoubz?” Make maximum use of vocabulary in your days as you learn it. In this way, you can remember it.


Even if we don't understand the whole sentence, knowing some keywords helps us to identify its meaning. You have to learn the most common words and verbs (even if you get them wrong, you will understand). Priority is given to the vocabulary you need (e.g. for racing). It is important to work well on pronunciation as well. So focus on vocabulary and pronunciation at the outset. Grammar and conjugation will later come in chaa Allah.

Setting objectives

Short-term objectives such as .this week I learn 20 words linked to food’: it is more motivating and concrete. Be careful not to choose too overwhelming goals either. You can also set a range between 15 and 30 (15 being the minimum to reach and 30 being the ideal).

In short, learning a new language is always a worthwhile effort. Especially when it is a culture rich in history and tradition.

Language learning has no secret: it is by the heart des Who says it is repeated. With regularity and good revisions you will progress very quickly in allah. So motivated to learn the darija?
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