Morocco with the family, the essentials to know before leaving

Morocco with the family, the essentials to know before leaving
traveling with family

A destination with a thousand facets, Morocco is also an easily accessible country three hours from Paris, ideal for introducing children to travel in complete safety. Before revealing things to see or do as a family, here is some practical information…

    Practical information before going to Morocco with your family

    Morocco can be visited all year round but to best discover the desert without suffering too much from the heat with young children, it is best to avoid the summer period in July and August. However, for swimming on the Atlantic coast, the period from June to October remains by far the best.

    In terms of food, Moroccan cuisine, which is very varied in its composition, is very interesting from a nutritional point of view. Rich in vegetables, legumes, semolina, fish, meat, and olive oil… it is similar to the Cretan diet. Couscous, a typical North African dish, covers all food categories on its own! Your child will love oriental cuisine with its delicately flavored flavors.

    The Riad, typical accommodation in Morocco

    Morocco with the family, the essentials to know before leaving
    Riad in Marrakech

    To accommodate you, you will find various types of accommodation suitable for families, such as guesthouses or guest houses (most often former riads), very practical when traveling with a tribe. You can also stay in traditional riads transformed into hotels. Some types of accommodation such as bivouacs for 3 or 4 days provide you with unique experiences that your little family will never forget. For a top-of-the-range stay, the Mazagan Hotel Resort, a prestigious tourist complex guarantees you a luxury stay in the purest Moroccan tradition. Everything is planned for the reception of families. The hotel offers free of charge, among other services, a children's club and a swimming pool.

    What to do with children?

    Enjoy seaside pleasures on magnificent beaches

    Morocco with the family, the essentials to know before leaving
    Beach in Morocco

    A huge playground, in Morocco, is full of fun things to do with the family. The activity that young people enjoy the most is swimming. Bordered by the Mediterranean to the north and the Atlantic on the entire west coast, Morocco offers superb seaside resorts and beautiful and diversified beaches on a quality coastline adapted to all your desires. There are calm family beaches on the side of Agadir or between Essaouira and Casablanca that are well-equipped and well-liked by families. If you prefer more natural settings, the beaches along the coasts of Essaouira and Saidia will exceed your expectations.

    Discover the charm of the Orient

    Morocco with the family, the essentials to know before leaving
    Marrakech Souk

    Young people, whatever their age, will love visiting the souks of Fez or Marrakech. Picturesque and completely exotic in terms of noises, colors, and smells, the souks are overflowing with trinkets and unusual objects. You can also take them to visit the Medina by bike or explore the city in a horse-drawn carriage before stopping at the Jemaa el-Fna square in Marrakech where the fakirs and snake charmers will capture their full attention. Horse-drawn carriages are also provided to go around the ramparts. To withstand the heat, offer them good fresh fruit juice for a few dirhams! Jemaa El Fna Square is as lively during the day as it is in the evening. Your little tribe will be delighted to participate in the activities offered to onlookers of all ages or to applaud the street acrobat shows.

    Getaway and bivouac in the desert dunes

    Morocco with the family, the essentials to know before leaving
    Merzouga desert

    Play desert nomads with your family and fill up on memories during a timeless stroll. Take part in a 4X4 trek, or, more scenically, on the back of a camel. After setting up the bivouac and a moment of sharing around the evening campfire, you will spend a night under the stars in the middle of the desert. And then what happiness for the little ones to roll in the sand and... for once not to shower!

    Hike in the Atlas Mountains

    Morocco with the family, the essentials to know before leaving
    Atlas mountains

    The splendid Atlas Mountains offer a dream setting for family hikes, on foot, by mountain bike, or on the back of a donkey. You will have the opportunity to make beautiful encounters with the Berbers, bathe in waterfalls, and walk through fields and villages.

    In the heart of the High Atlas, the Dadès and Drâa valleys are also a wonderful land of adventures and discoveries to be explored in 4X4. A strip of green land, the Dades Valley is known for its Damascus roses whose voluptuous scents fill the entire valley in May. Discover the ancient kasbahs and meet mysterious but warm people who have always known how to preserve their traditions.

    Visit “Atlas Corporation Studios”, the film studios of Ouarzazate

    Morocco with the family, the essentials to know before leaving
    Atlas sudios ouarzazate

    Since the filming of Lawrence of Arabia in the 1960s, the desert and lunar landscapes of Ouarzazate have been a privileged setting for the 7th art and directors. Atlas Corporation Studios, located 3 km west of Ouarzazate is the first cinema studio in Morocco where many films were shot such as Gladiator, the jewels of the Nile, and certain scenes from Game of Thrones... This site which extends over 30 hectares can be visited all year round except sometimes during certain filming periods.

    A total change of scenery a few hours from Europe

    A stay in Morocco will remain etched in your memories and those of your children. To experience a total change of scenery, to open up to other cultures is to give them a taste for travel, the desire to discover new horizons, and to be interested in the world around them.

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