How to Cruise Caribbean Style

In 1492, a new discovery was added to the globe by the famous explorer Christopher Columbus - a discovery that would be later described as one of the most luxurious destinations for holidays and a place that is enriched with beauty, culture, and the all-important sun, sea, and sand.

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Destination highlights

The Caribbean offers bright white beaches, kissed by deep blue oceans, rum cocktails, which are sipped by the side of a pool, and exotic foods, which excite your taste buds. There are plenty of locations you can choose to visit, but where to go first is a question that forms on the lips of most Caribbean travelers.

If you choose Royal Caribbean Cruises deals you can explore a variety of Caribbean islands during a single trip. Sail through the Bahamas, top up your tan in Puerto Rico, and hit the shops in St Martin – however, you want to spend your days, they’re sure to have the perfect option.

If the Western Caribbean is more your style, grab a snorkel to go lobster hunting in Playa del Carmen and swim alongside stingrays, before visiting the stunning waterfalls of Jamaica and taking a trip into the wondrous rainforests of Costa Rica. You certainly won’t be short of anything to do.

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All aboard

On board the cruise, the fun doesn’t stop; you can take part in many of the onboard activities, including wave surfing, slides, and other water activities. You can also opt for a relaxing massage, a swim in the inviting pool, or a quiet afternoon cocktail by the bar. Your evenings will be filled with glamour, excitement, and variety, with entertainment covering everything from Broadway musicals to aqua-theatres. Some of the cruise ships even have 3D theatres for the kids, plus a whole host of children’s day and evening activities, aimed at various age groups.

If you are hoping for something to tickle your taste buds, dining on board a Royal Caribbean ship will not disappoint; you can dine with the family, or for those traveling without children, you can choose to eat in an ‘adults only’ section, where you’ll be undisturbed by other families. The food is prepared on board by a team of talented chefs, who will ensure every morsel is exquisite, offering you a range of tastes from around the world - the perfect way to summarise a cruise holiday with Royal Caribbean!

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