A Budget Guide to Tasmania

Tasmania is an island off the coast of Australia, where the first penal colonies were established. Apart from a grim part of history, Tasmania has an incredible culinary scene, festivals galore, and a unique wilderness to offer travelers. Read on to find out how you can see Tasmania on a budget.

Planning Ahead

If you’re truly committed to your budget, it means that you have to start planning as early as you can, up to 6 months beforehand. Giving yourself plenty of time will mean that you can research and find the best deals for your flights, accommodation, and any tours or activities you want to take part in.

The peak time for tourism in Tasmania is from October to April, so if you want to avoid tourist prices, avoid these months.

Try and plan what you want to do in advance so you can plan your budget accordingly.

Getting There

First, you’ll have to get to Australia and then to Tasmania. Of course, the best option for getting to Australia is by air, and if you buy your tickets far enough in advance, you can make a big saving.

You have two options when it comes to getting to Tasmania from Australia, the ferry or a flight. The flight is good if you’re staying close to Hobart. If however, you plan on exploring the island more than this, then you may want to take your car, and therefore the ferry is your best option.


Tasmania has lots of options when it comes to accommodation, ranging from luxury hotels to super cheap hostels and dorm rooms. Work out your budget and see how much you can afford when it comes to accommodation. Accommodation is likely to account for a large chunk of your budget so it’s probably one of the first aspects you want to consider.

Again, it’s worth getting in early, particularly if you’re going for a particular event or holiday.

Food and Drink

If your budget is tight, then plan a couple of meals out in restaurants, but make sure it’s not for the whole time, because that can get expensive very quickly. Plan a couple of places that you really want to dine at prior to your trip.

Supermarkets will make your budget stretch a lot further than eating out all the time. If you can opt for self-catering accommodation and you’ll save a whole lot of money on food. This is also a good idea if you’re driving around the island too, to stock up on food before you leave for another destination.

Photo by Adam Selwood via Flickr CC
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