The Most Interesting Places to Eat and Drink in Spain

If you want to enjoy a wonderful culinary adventure in Europe, then you should pack your bags and head off to Spain. The regional diversity of the country’s cuisine is extraordinary and you’ll soon discover that you’ll need to take much longer than anticipated to savor all the local delights.

Spanish food, a well-kept secret

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Most people connect Spanish food with Paella and although very tasty you’ll soon discover there is so much more to Spanish food.

If you love smoked ham, then a holiday in Andalusia will be perfect. Valencia should be suitable for delectable pastries or fresh fish.

Spain is a country of many regions and traditions

From Galicia in the north of the country to Andalusia in the south, each of the Spanish regions has its own recognizable gastronomic identity. You could always enjoy your Spain holidays using the country’s food as your guide.

Galician chefs are said to dominate the kitchens of the world but you should travel to this area if you wish to sample Octopus a feira. You could always time your trip to coincide with one of the 300 food festivals that continue throughout the year in Galicia.

Ham dominates Spanish cuisine; the famous film director Bigas Luna even made a film that used ham in its title, Jamon Jamon, which also acts as a metaphor for Spanish culture and the country’s love of food.

Catalonia, a foodie’s delight

Whether you are visiting the Catalan capital, Barcelona, to engage with the city’s vibrant art scene or just spending a short time there to enjoy some retail therapy, it would be a crime not to enjoy a few examples of Catalonia’s regional gourmet delights.

Butifarra, the local type of Cumberland sausage is delicious. You should also sample Escudella, the regional stew that comprises meat, vegetables, and potatoes.

Salted cod is also very popular in Catalonia and you should try Esqueixada in order to enjoy a salad of cod, peppers, onions, and red wine vinegar. It’s absolutely divine!

Puddings are also on the menu in Catalonia

Of course, no trip to this region would be complete without sampling the local Crème Catalana. This wonderfully tasty dish is made from egg yolks, cinnamon, and sugar – YUM!

Photo by smalljude via Flickr Creative Commons
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