8 Genuis Tips To Travel On A Shoestring Budget

we want you to be able to have an excellent travel experience on a budget, no matter where you're going, or how long you're staying.

Traveling doesn't have to break the bank. With these tips, you can save money without sacrificing quality in any facet of your vacation.

  • Comparison shop. Shop around! There are many different websites designed to help you find the best deals on your flights. If you're not flying, it may be cheaper to go via bus and rent a car at your destination than it would be to drive your own car or rent a car and drive the whole way.
  • Book early. Typically, the earlier you book holiday travel flights, the better deal you get. Try to book early, and avoid going directly through the airline as you can usually find better deals with partner websites.
  • Be flexible with your dates. If you don't have to travel on a specific date, shop around various dates. Flying is cheaper during the week than on the weekend. Hotels are cheaper during the week than on the weekend, too, so sometimes adjusting your dates just a day or two earlier or later than you originally planned will save you a great deal of cash.
  • Don't be picky about your flight or hotel.
  • Use frequent flyer miles, or apply for a credit card. Many airlines and credit card companies allow you to earn miles for flights and/or purchases you make on a particular card. Even if you have the cash to pay for something, pay for it on a credit card, then pay the balance. This way, you can earn miles and build trips for free or at a great discount.
  • Try flying out of a major airport. If you live in a city with a regional airport, it's going to cost you more to fly from home. If you live close enough to an international airport, then you may be able to save money on your flight. Often, the price of gas in your car to get you to the bigger airport is well worth the savings on the plane ticket.
  • Use Groupon, Restaurant.com, and similar websites to get good deals on food. Look up online deals in the city you'll be traveling to. You may be able to find 50% off deals at local restaurants so you can eat well without paying full price.
  • Pack light. Many airlines are charging more for extra baggage, by weight. If you're going to be staying for an extended period of time, ship your extra baggage via UPS or USPS ahead of your flight. The shipping costs are likely much cheaper than the baggage fees. You can ship it back home ahead of your return flight, too. In fact, many airports have post offices inside them so you can ship items while in the airport, too. Be sure to leave room for souvenirs and extra things you acquire while on vacation.

Using any combination of these tips can make your travel much more affordable.

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