Mauritius Holidays – Voted World’s Best Beach

The white sand beaches and crystal blue waters of Mauritius are what fantasy luxury travel is all about. This is the trip people often want to save for that special occasion. Many take a Mauritius holiday to this luxurious island for honeymoons or an anniversary, but remember there are also amazing deals to be had during certain seasons or last-minute bookings, so keep a keen lookout and grab your opportunity to indulge in all things Mauritian!

Mauritius Holidays

I was fortunate enough to travel to this jaw-droppingly beautiful island, which was also voted Top Island Destination and World’s Best Beach at the World Travel Awards in January 2012. I couldn’t have been more excited buckling my seatbelt and gearing up for a 12-hour flight to a Mauritius holiday paradise! The name alone sounds incredibly exotic and I expected to be transfixed as soon as I arrived.

Mauritius Holiday Packages

We chose a last-minute package deal. It’s more common to travel to Mauritius between May and October when the Mauritius weather is relatively cooler, but understand the climate is relatively warm all year round. We visited in December when the UK winter was very harsh and our desire for some fun in the sun was high. December and January can sometimes bring extreme weather such as tropical storms, but we experienced nothing more than clear blue skies and tropical heat. It was so hot in fact, that we both got badly sunburnt on the first day. Something to bear in mind when you experience sunshine for the first time after months of winter!

Now, this might go against what some of you may think of as “true” travel, but we opted for a half board inclusive offer which included flights, transfer to the resort, and accommodation. The half board provides the luxury of a delicious breakfast and guaranteed dinner, but the chance to go out and explore the island during lunch.

Where to stay

The choices are endless. I stayed at the Hilton Resort in the area of Flic en Flac.

I felt truly spoilt. Everything about this stay was perfect.

We were treated like royalty; delicious welcome cocktails, a huge decadent room, a choice of swimming pools, a great beach bar, where we spent most of our time, and the food! Oh my goodness… the food.

Mauritius Cuisine

Mauritius is famous for its multicultural diversity. Many varying cultures combine, resulting in food that is like nothing else on earth. Imagine the most divine Indian curry you’ve ever had and then put it through that delicate French culinary heritage and you have topped the best curry you’ve ever had! Mauritius cuisine fascinates the taste buds from the outset.

Creole, Indian, Sri Lankan, Chinese and European are all prepared perfectly on the island. The Hilton Hotel outdid itself in the dining area. The buffet was almost too good to be true.

Things to do in Mauritius

All the best water sports activities are available here. The water is crystal clear, making snorkeling truly magnificent. Higher energy sports such as diving, jet skis, and water skiing are of course on offer too. Glass bottom boat rides and dolphin spotting tours ensure tourists of all ages can enjoy all the luxurious island has to offer.

Port Louis

My favorite thing we did on this trip was drive to Port Louis. This vibrant seaside town had beautiful views over the water, wonderful coffee shops, and bustling markets that were fascinating to wander around. The fruit market was a real treat, with such smells, and colors!

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