The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Motorhoming

Motorhoming can be an extremely enjoyable hobby, and this beginner’s guide is designed to help ease you into it smoothly if you’re a total newbie. Some even consider motorhoming to be a way of life, as they live in their motorhome full time and enjoy the freedom that lifestyle gives them…this could be you! Whatever you decide you’d like to do with your motorhome, this guide will help you to get started:

The Different Kinds of Motorhomes to Choose From

There are many types of motorhomes, with more than 90 different manufacturers in the UK alone! Here are just a few of the broader categories you can choose from: 
  • Panel van conversions – these kinds of motorhomes are based on a commercial metal-paneled van. 
  • Coachbuilts – the manufacturer takes a chassis and cab from the commercial vehicle manufacturer and then fits their own fiberglass body to the rear. 
  • A-class – similar to coach builts, but the manufacturer simply takes the chassis from the commercial vehicle and fits their own cab and body.
  • RV – recreational vehicles imported from the USA (think a ‘Breaking Bad’ style laboratory). 
  • Demountables – these are rare in the UK and usually of an American design.

When deciding on the right motorhome for you, you have many things to consider. The more space and facilities you have, the bigger your van will be, and, unfortunately, this comes with more disadvantages than if you were to buy a smaller motorhome. You’ll also need to secure some insurance before even considering taking the motorhome on its first trip.

You’ll need to work out a spending budget to stick to and consider the kind of seasonal use you expect to get out of your van. Some motorhomes are designed for a more harsh environment, so think about the time of year you plan on using your van. Also think about whether you’ll occasionally have children, teenagers, and pets with you – this will affect the amount of space you need.

When it comes to fuel consumption, the majority of modern motorhomes use efficient diesel engines. However, this does depend on the weight of the vehicle. You may not have thought about the fact that your driving license may also affect what kind of motorhome you can drive. Anyone that passed their test before January 1st, 1997 can drive a motorhome of up to 7.5 tonnes. However, anyone that passed their test after that year can only drive a motorhome up to 3.5 tonnes – quite a difference!

For a few motorhome owners, another vehicle is useful when parked up for longer periods. A small motorcycle can be carried on a rack fitted to the back of the motorhome, or a small car can be towed behind it. However, the most straightforward method of towing a car is on a trailer.

You may also want to look up extra security features you can have installed on your motorhome, along with motorhome accessories to make any trip you have much safer and more enjoyable. 

Have a great time on your motorhome journey!