Travel Advice for Couples Flexibility & Tolerance

There are many things that can happen during a couple's vacation that you can’t control. Bad weather, poor service, a canceled tour, or even a lost reservation. The longer you travel the more bad things are likely to happen. This is the best travel advice we can offer: We don’t get to take many travel holidays or honeymoons, so remain flexible and tolerant in an effort to enjoy your getaway as best you can.

  1. Travel Advice for CouplesNever forgets the weather. Weather is definitely not controllable, but you can minimize its impact during your couple's getaway. Listening to the weatherperson is probably not going to help that much considering it’s the most forgiving job for being wrong. Check out or any weather site that stores a history of weather for a particular area you are planning to travel to. If you are traveling to the tropics, there is most likely a wet and dry season. The dry season is hot but usually sunny. The wet season is, well wet, muddy, and full of mosquitoes. Discover the best time of year to visit a particular place, or research what place is best to travel to when you are able to take your couple's vacation. Most importantly, if the weather isn’t great, talk to you a local or concierge and make the best of it. Museums are always a good choice.
  2. Work as a team. Language barriers can be frustrating but are expected when traveling to foreign locations around the world. Our travel advice is to recognize if one of you is better than the other at learning a new language, let the right person take the lead, don’t compete, be patient and help each other learn along the way.
  3. Shit happens, and it will so be flexible. Not sure if this is travel advice, but it’s a reality we should all accept. A missing hotel reservation is probably the most frustrating and inexcusable thing that can happen when traveling. If it’s a honeymoon or weekend romantic getaway, it’s a big problem but doesn’t freak out, try to work together to find a resolution instead of blaming one another or getting frustrated. If you are traveling long-term, let’s say backpacking through South America, expect it to happen. Hostels don’t always have the best booking systems and they don’t always have the best employees. We called ahead to book hostels only to find that when we arrived at 2am they had no reservation for us. What did we do? We kept our cool and either took what they had available or searched for another place.
  4. Don’t sweat the small stuff. If you are from a more developed country and have high expectations for service and are traveling to a less developed country, have tolerance. Tolerance is a must when traveling to different places of unfamiliar cultures. Punctuality is a topic we struggled with. Buses, tours, and store hours seem to be at whatever time the operator preferred.
  5. Be there for each other. As a couple on vacation or backpacking long-term, understand that each of you will react to unpleasant situations differently. This is where as a couple you can comfort and calm each other, realizing that tolerance and flexibility will be important for keeping your couple's vacation a pleasant experience.