Couples Vacations Travel Tips – Discuss Travel Preferences

Travel preferences can make or break that once-in-a-lifetime vacation experience. Discuss the different ways to travel. Make sure you both enjoy the same activities, food, and places of interest. Even if you don’t have everything in common, understand what each other expects to get out of the couple's vacation. It’s not a big deal if you have to compromise occasionally, but if one desires to tackle volcanoes with serious hiking and the other wants a drink with an umbrella in it served to them on the beach, then you might have some conflict.

5 Tips to Enjoy a Couples Vacation

1. If you are planning couples vacations together for the first time, consider each other’s desires and if they don’t meet, find compromise in the location. Many couples resorts will offer both adventure tours and poolside bars. They are set up today to meet the needs of everyone, which makes compromise much easier. The varying ways to travel from one place to another can also be a debate. How does each of you prefer to get from point A to point B? Plane, train, bus, or automobile?

2. Compromise becomes much more difficult when you and your partner decide to travel long-term. An RTW backpacking journey will typically involve budget travel. Constantly splurging on fancy dinners and hotels means you cut your trip short.

3. Think about food preferences. Do you like experimenting with food? Is your partner a vegan? In some countries, it can be very difficult to find vegan food. This could become an annoyance if you don’t have food preferences, be sure to plan.

4. Take a break if you need to, it’s actually healthy. Some couples traveling long-term will take some time apart on the road if they want to see different sites or cities. When traveling for a year, a 2-week break in a different direction doesn’t sound so bad. Again, this is something you want to bring up before you leave for your trip, otherwise, it might come as an unpleasant shock to your partner.

5. Allow room for individuality. Don’t be offended if your partner asks if they can go paragliding even though you refuse to. Let them go and enjoy their vacation too. You can either go watch and take pictures or enjoy private time yourself. Better yet, don’t wait for them to ask, suggest they do it, because you know they want to. You will both benefit if you are both enjoying your couples getaway.

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