5 Flowery Destinations in Cebu

It is a delight to announce that Cebu has various gardens, which attract numerous tourists to visit Cebu. Over the years, many are getting back to connecting with flora and fauna. If you want to spend time with nature, these gardens are perfect for relaxation and connecting with the natural world.

10,000 Roses Café

This Korean-owned cafe has drawn a lot of attention on social media. The cafe has a vast area filled with 10,000 white LED roses, which is the main attraction of the place. You may also chill out at the cafe’s roof deck, which offers an incredible ocean view.

Sirao Flower Garden

Dubbed “Little Amsterdam”, this garden is one of the best attractions in Cebu. The Instagram-worthy place is often flocked by local tourists who wish to see the beautiful rows of celosia with a mountain view as a backdrop. This is a great venue for spending time outdoors with nature. The place is always full of curious people wanting to witness the place and of course, for picture-perfect selfies.

Tieza Botanical Garden

Away from the hustle and bustle of the city, take a detour to this garden. The garden surrounds Malubog Lake, which is picture-perfect for nature tripping. Recently celosia has bloomed over the place, along with mini yellow flowers. There are also local vegetables and farm animals in the vicinity. There are several cottages in the area but these are still being built.

Terrazas De Flores

The garden is located in Malubog, Cebu City. The road going there is an adventure itself and you are greeted with a cool breeze, an ideal scenery of nature, overlooking the view of Metro Cebu. Terrazas de Flores’ pride and joy are the flowers that cater to about 127 species of flora and are arranged in terraces. In the garden, all the spotlight are on the different kind of flowers and plants. The garden took 7 years to build and is well-preserved by the caretakers.

Liza’s Little Garden

Opened recently as a new addition to guests of a resort in Cordova town, the garden is filled with 2000 red LED roses similar to those of the 10000 Roses Cafe, just different color and definitely smaller in number. This new attraction is mainly to drive more guests to the resort.

These flower destinations are where you can hang out with your loved ones. All of the above-mentioned places are also suitable for romantic dates because every lady simply loves flowers.

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