Travel Safety for the Baby

If you are the type of parent who doesn’t leave anything to chance, you should definitely put car seats for your babies on top of your list. A lot of families were able to protect their young with this very important piece of equipment and you should be one of them. Children are the most vulnerable in motor vehicle crashes and should therefore be protected the most.

Because of their age, their safety relies on the position a lot and for infants, the rear-facing position is the best. As time goes by and they turn older and bigger, you don’t want to buy another seat and the convertible allows you to adjust to the situation by changing the position into the front-facing one. To be sure that your baby is fastened safely, you can definitely rely on the 5-point harness with a strap for both shoulders and legs and one in between the legs. You can’t get any safer than that.

If you are worried about the weight of your kid, it would be comforting to know that most convertibles have a 30-pound capacity when used in a rear-facing position and up to 40 pounds when used in a forward-facing position. This can go all the way up to 80 pounds. If you are a bit wary of this information, the best source to check would be the labels on the car seat sides.

To be able to use your convertible seat better, it would be important to know its different parts. They come with 2 separate belt paths for the vehicle seat belt or LATCH to have something to thread on. By the way, LATCH means Lower Anchors and Tethers for Children and was developed to secure your baby by strapping your angel to special anchors in the car.

Going back to the weight issue, parents can now be more confident with their convertible seats because they can maintain the rear-facing position until the baby reaches the age of 2. According to the experts, this is the best period for keeping your baby in the rear-facing position. There are actually some manufacturers who have increased the weight limit, making it possible for you to keep them longer in that position.

For added safety, there are some points that every parent should be aware of.

Installing your convertible seat is the most important thing and you should follow the manual to the dot for this. Unfortunately, there are still some parents who find it difficult to do this and if you are one of them, the safest way to do it is to have someone check what you have done and teach you the right way of doing it if the need arises. This shall not only secure your baby better but also provide the comfort that your baby is supposed to get from the seat.

You should also not scrimp. Your savings mean nothing if there’s a chance that your baby can get hurt because of the inferior or secondhand unit that you bought. A brand-new unit is always the best.

Such tips are pretty useful and may they guide you in choosing the perfect convertible for your kid.

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