9 wonderful outdoor activities to do in Lebanon

Regardless of what you hear on the news, Lebanon remains to be an escape haven for many and mostly for those who call it home. That’s the thing about Lebanon, at any given point in time, whenever you have that sudden urge to explore and fall in love all over again, you do not need to buy a ticket way out of there because, everything you ever need, is in this beautiful country that once was dubbed the Switzerland of the Middle East. Here are 9 wonderful outdoor activities to do in Lebanon.

Stay at The Four Seasons Hotel in Beirut

This is my second home in Beirut. The Four Seasons Hotel in Beirut is on our high list of number 1 hotels in the city. The marina-faced hotel has one of the biggest advantages by being magically located within walking distance from Zeitouna Bay and Downtown but still away from the close buildings and the street life.

Visit Tyre

There is an incredible sense of peace here. It’s ironic. The drive from the capital is around 1.5 hours with beautiful beach coast sceneries. There is a place in Nakoura called Ras Al Bayyada where we stopped to admire and take photos.

Have lunch in Dar Alma

A boutique hotel in Tyre and a 19th-century traditional Lebanese house. The hotel has one restaurant facing a small beachfront side serving seafood and a diverse menu.

Kite Surf at Abdul Wahhab Island

On a typical Sunday, I take a walk on the seaside of my beloved city Tripoli, north of Lebanon. I have something towards islands, especially the ones here, they seem to be the getaway from all the dilemmas we face, and at the same time, they are so special for standing out of the land by instinct. Being the closest and the most accessible island from the shore, AbdulWahhab island was known during the Crusaders period as Saint Thomas Island because it was home to the historical Saint Thomas Church which was demolished later on. The bridge that links the island with the shore was constructed only in 1998.

As a summer ritual, some take the fun up to the sky. It was actually training for this surfer before the kitesurfing event. You can be very fortunate to watch such an adventurous scene in a city that lacks almost all the acts of fun or entertainment.

Visit Batroun

Batroun is a gem in Lebanon located around 1h north of Beirut the capital. The place is magical with its crystal clear water, rocky shores, its small caves that have been formed with years and years of erosions on the beach.

Have lunch at Chez Maguy

One of the coolest settings right on the beach! Owner and chef, Maguy is one of the places you call your typical vintage Lebanese/Mediterranean hidden gem!

Anfeh is a village located in the North and is famous for its crystalline water beaches. Spend a day in one of the most happening authentic beaches “Taht El Rih”.
While heading there, however, make sure to stop by the monastery of Saydet El Nouriyeh, located on a hill and offers a panoramic view over the northern coast. Distance from Beirut to Anfeh 68.3 KM

Camp in Atreen Al Shouf

On the outskirts of the village upwards towards the mountains. It's very peaceful and isolated so you get to experience nature in its full glory without any distractions. It's great for setting up camp for a couple of days and hanging out. Sunset views are the best since it's located near the mountain top, and the sunrise as seen in the pic is pretty great as well! You also get a really great view of the stars at night which is a nice sight to fall asleep to.

Drive to Serjbel

Serjbel – Lebanon where nature is full of vivid colors and senses, this stress-free location is excellent for outdoor activities such as cliff diving, camping, hiking…

Visit El-Qammouaa

El-Qammouaa is located in the heart of the North Governorate of Lebanon, it is considered the perfect gateway for those seeking outdoor activities such as camping, hiking, trekking, and rock climbing. The beauty of the area is unparalleled, with its majestic trees aging over two thousand years and its superb rock formation. El-Qammouaa is home to over 4,000 Cedar trees; a visit in Winter is as recommended as in Summer due to its beautiful snow accumulations.

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