What to Do In Vegas Other Than Gamble

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Vegas is world renown for casino gambling and hit shows, but that is not all the town has to offer. As locals and smart tourists already know, Las Vegas has a variety of activities available for any interest. Here are some of the other things to do in Vegas beside gamble at the casinos.

Go Bungee Jumping

While the middle of the desert may not seem like an ideal spot to go bungee jumping, Las Vegas actually has two spots for this activity. First, you can try out the “Sky Jump” at the top of the Stratosphere. You also have the option of a “T-Tower” located near Circus Circus. At 201 feet tall, the T-Tower is the tallest double platform tower on the planet. The jump platform is an impressive 171.5 feet.

Go Skiing in the Desert

Mount Charleston, Nevada by dherrera_96, on Flickr

You read that correctly, there is skiing available in the desert. Another short drive outside of Vegas will take you to Mount Charleston. A natural oasis from Vegas, Mount Charleston has hiking, biking, and camping available during the summer months and during the winter months, you will actually find skiing at the top of the mountain.

Take the Kids to the Museum

One of the more boring experiences for a kid can be going to a museum, that is unless you head to the Lied Discovery Children’s Museum in Vegas. There your kids can interact with over 100 exhibits that cover a wide variety of subjects. You don’t need a giant T-Rex to get your kids interested in history in this museum.

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