10 adventure things to do in Seychelles!

Here are 10 adventure things to do in Seychelles!

Useful tips – When to Go to Seychelles

No visas are required to visit The Seychelles Islands!

Seychelles is blessed with tropical sun throughout the year! Conditions for swimming, snorkeling, and especially diving are superb during April/May and October/November when the water temperature sometimes reaches 29ºC and visibility is often 30 meters plus.

Activity                        Period

Bird-watching                April (breeding season), May – September (nesting of                                               Sooty Terns) October (migration)

Diving                           March-May / September – November

Fishing                         October – April

Hiking/Walks & Trails   May – September

Sailing                          Year-round

Snorkeling                    Year-round

Surfing/Windsurfing      May – September

How to get there

Air Seychelles flies daily to Seychelles and neighboring islands from Abu Dhabi.

Air Seychelles was established in 1978 and began long-haul operations in 1983. As the national airline of the Republic of Seychelles, Air Seychelles is a pillar of tourism, the island nation’s strongest and growing economic sector. Etihad Airways, the national airline of the United Arab Emirates-based in Abu Dhabi, signed an agreement with the Government of the Republic of Seychelles in January 2012, acquiring a 40 percent stake in Air Seychelles.

Air Seychelles currently offers international flights to Abu Dhabi, Antananarivo, Beijing, Johannesburg, Mauritius, Mumbai, and Paris. In addition, the airline operates over 300 scheduled services between the islands of Mahé and Praslin, along with charter services to other islands in the archipelago, including Bird, Denis, Fregate, and D’Arros.

Where to Stay

There are different islands in Seychelles where you can stay, around 100 islands in the Indian Ocean off East Africa and the vast majority are completely uninhabited most three inhabited islands, Mahe, Praslin, and La Digue are nature reserves with large areas of land protected.

Mahe is the largest island and offers so much more than just a beach! Mahe is where almost all the activities are from rock climbing to zip lining, waterfalls, and jungles. Praslin, the second largest and famous for Anse Lazio Beach, is known for its calm turquoise water with small villages and La Digue is more of a relaxed, quite still vibe island.

Stay at Four Seasons Seychelles

Four Seasons Seychelles is one of the most luxurious properties in Mahe located on the SW coast and perfectly situated on a hillside. The drive to Four Seasons Seychelles is around 40 minutes from the airport. The property has 4 categories of guest rooms, 4 suites category, and 4 private residences.

We stayed in a 5 Bedroom Residence Villa, each occupying a room. The Villa has 2 infinity pools overlooking the Indian Ocean and a common living area. It is ideal for large family vacations or groups of friends traveling together and still receiving every kind of privacy needed.

We dined at the hotel’s restaurant Kannel one night which hosts a seafood buffet night where we picked whatever fish we would like fresh as if they were on a boat display, grilled with herbs and spices accompanied with white wine.

At Four Seasons Seychelles, the award-winning spa is one of the greatest I have been to, apart from the breathtaking view situated on a hilltop at almost the highest point, offering different tailored spa menus for your journey and hilltop meditation!

Things to do in Seychelles

Take a Zil Air flight to see the stunning island from above.

A choice of three cutting-edge, air-conditioned Eurocopter EC120B helicopters as well as a twin-engine fixed-wing Vulcan air P68C are available from Zil Air, the premier provider of luxury helicopter and fixed-wing aerial limo services in Seychelles. Zil Air has routes to 23 different destinations in Seychelles. Book your flight here

Go Ziplining at Constance Ephelia Hotel

Zip lining Specialist, Multi Adventure Company (SMAC Adventures) is located in Constance Ephelia Hotel. A Zip Line path on Ophelia's Mountain is the major draw. 8 x Zips from 85 m to approx 120 meters. The whole tour can take up to 50 minutes, get ready for some adventure!

Go parasailing in Beau Vallon

Beau Vallon is the only place in Mahe where you can parasail and is one of the most popular places to do water sports activities! Experience Parasailing in Seychelles right here. The activity lasts up to 5 minutes!

Visit Victoria

Victoria, the capital of Seychelles, is one of the smallest capital in the world and one of the most charming cities. Experience the market, and the street music and meet the locals. You can find almost everything you need right here from shopping to food!

Go for a Hike

There are many different trails of hiking in Seychelles and many levels. The greatest thing about hiking in Seychelles is that you are surrounded by nature and with a beautiful backdrop. You can find a few routes and information here.

Have lunch on Eden Island

Eden Island is a man-made island in Seychelles made in 2000 and is known as Eden Blue Hotel. Here you can find many sailboats, yachts, little coffee shops and restaurants, and higher-end shopping.

Go fishing and Island hopping

The beauty of Seychelles is that each island is different in its own way and you must experience them by boat hopping from one island to another. We went trolling early morning passing by a few other islands and stopped to snorkel. There are two ways of island hopping, by boat or seaplane. Make sure you carry with you strong sunblock!

Have a BBQ at Therese Island

After trolling, we landed on Therese Island and had a BBQ made by the locals from our catch. We snorkeled around the beautiful reefs and spent the whole day on the deserted island.

Snorkel in La Digue

They say every island is different in Seychelles and it’s true! Every island has a different geography and in some places, you see underwater sea life you wouldn’t see in others. Enjoy the full-day snorkeling with a marine biologist or during your boat trip! Seychelles is an island where you also see lots of sea turtles! So enjoy the full day!

Visit the hilltop and award-winning spa in the world at Four Seasons Seychelles

After all the adventure is set and done, after your hikes and beach hopping, make sure you visit the award-winning spa in Four Seasons Seychelles. Situated on a hilltop and besides the greatest massage you’ll ever get, you get breathtaking views of Petite Anse.

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