10 Interesting Tips About Budapest

Budapest is a very busy, interesting, and lively city. It is full of amazing things to explore and even better places to visit.

Due to the great location of the city, visitors can spend time in fine dining restaurants, wonderful art galleries, and great places to relax.

Hungary is a special place where you can find natural remedies, mineral waters, and dedicated places for relaxation.

Let’s take a look at 10 great and interesting tips about Budapest, and what to do around here.

1. A great city with lots of heritage

Budapest is a city with a lot of history, culture, and heritage. If you are interested in art and historical facts, make sure to visit the oldest galleries, museums, and spas. There are lots of each, as culture and relaxation are essential parts of Hungarian culture.

On your trip, you can attend dedicated tours to explore the nicest museums in the capital, where each building has its own story. For example, the National Museum used to be the gathering point of the lower house of parliament.

2. There are over 100 different mineral pools in Budapest

The city is filled with natural resources, such as mineral and thermal water. Ever since the late 18th century, there were multiple thermal baths built in the town. These baths are very important parts of the culture, as they provide relaxation and medical improvements as well.

If you are looking for a place to unwind and also enjoy some therapy stay, make sure to check out the Ensana Wellness and Spa hotels.

3. Explore both sides of the city

Budapest is a large city with two sides, which are divided by the busy, loud, and fast Danube river. Buda is the cultural side with the palace and the more heritage regarding history. However, the Pest side is the ever-busy, popular, and important element of the city.

So many important events and moments have happened here. You can take walking tours of each side to explore the beauty.

4. Margaret Island, the in-between

Between the two sides of Buda and Pest lays the special Margaret Island. This large island is home to a zoo, a swimming school, dozens of cafés, restaurants, bars, and more. It is also home to one of the most wonderful medical and wellness spas, Ensana Hotels.

Here visitors can relax, indulge in the spa treatments and procedures, and enjoy the benefits of thermal waters.

5. Enjoy the authentic Hungarian dishes

There are so many amazing Hungarian dishes everyone should try. Each season there are staple pieces to try, but the all-time favorites are there all year around.

These include goulash soup, chimney cake, and delicious crepes filled with cottage cheese and fresh lemon.

6. Take the cruise down the Danube

One of the best and most interesting trips is getting on a cruise and going down the Danube.

Most of these cruises include dinners or bars, guided tours of the sights being shown during the trip, or even boat parties.

7. Staple sightseeing locations

The dozens of amazing sights are must visits. Such as the art galleries, the Buda Castle, and the parliament – which is one of the biggest ones in the world – are all included in great tours where visitors can learn about culture and history.

8. Enjoy the nightlife

Budapest has a very busy nightlife. There are bars and pubs on every corner, and as soon as the sun goes down, there is a party somewhere. If you visit Margaret Island, there are outdoor parties happening on all weekends.

You can check into one of the hotels in Budapest, enjoy the parties, then relax and indulge in the offers of the spa.

9. Learn about the multiple churches

Budapest – and Hungary in general – is home to a lot of different cultures. There are thousands of churches to visit, some of them are grand, and some of them are smaller.

The Great Synagogue is the second-largest synagogue in the world! There are also multiple churches around Buda castle, or in the downtown area of Pest.

There are always exciting facts displayed on small plates regarding historical dates or events.

10. Wide range of parks and green areas

Budapest is full of wonderful green parks, forests, and other locations, such as the Városliget, which is an enormous park with bars, soccer fields, and a small artificial lake where visitors can skate during winter, or enjoy small boat rides during the summer.

The other most popular green area is Margaret Island as mentioned before.