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Located in the South Pacific, Fiji is made up of 333 tropical islands with vast landscapes ranging from blue/green lagoons, lush rainforests, mountains, and of course white sand beaches. We decided to visit a town called Savusavu located on Fiji's second-biggest island, Vanua Levu. Savusavu bay was once a volcano, giving electric energy across the whole town. Known as ‘The Hidden Paradise’, Suvasuva has only recently become a tourist location with only a few luxury resorts built respecting its untouched beauty.

How to get there

Fiji may seem far away in the middle of the Pacific Ocean but there are regular flights from many international airports making the journey very easy. Nadi is the main airport used to get to Fiji with many domestic airports throughout the islands. To get to Suvasuva there are small flights from Nadi to Labasa airport or Savusavu airport itself. We landed in Labasa on the far side of the island and enjoyed an hour-and-a-half drive through the heart of Vanua Levu, it was definitely a convenient way of seeing more of the island!

Best time to go

Fiji is wonderful all year round and it is really a personal preference of when to go, however, there are a number of factors to consider. Depending on the kind of holiday you want to have and what you’ll want to do while there, the best time to visit Fiji may differ. There are a number of factors that may influence your decision including the weather, pricing, and crowds. July and August and through the Christmas/New Years holidays are said to be some of the busiest times but for us, on Vanua Levu, at New Year we didn’t feel like it was touristy at all. Quieter times of the year, where you can get great deals on hotels and flights come from March through to October (leaving out July and August of course).

Where to stay

We stayed at the Koro Sun Resort and Rainforest Spa Resort, which is located an hour and a half from Labasa Airport. The resort is surrounded by the Fijian Sea and has a rustic and raw feeling to it, a perfect way to feel like a local. The staff was very welcoming making us feel at home and they also knew our names straight away which was an added touch! Within hours of being in the resort, sitting and watching the sunset with a local cocktail in hand, you can’t help but feel completely relaxed and comfortable.

The resort has three different room types to choose from to suit everybody’s needs. We stayed in an Edgewater Bure which was unbelievable. Being able to wake up and walk out onto our own private deck and jump straight into the sea was surreal. The room was very spacious and airy giving a great feeling like we were floating on the ocean.

If you’re anything like me then I know you have a weakness for infinity pools and the Koro Sun pool was a showstopper. Looking out over the ocean to the nearby islands with a bar behind it where you can order light snacks and cocktails, it’s a beautiful way to spend the day relaxing or watching the sunset.

True to its name one of the most important and magical parts of the resort is its rainforest spa! Hidden deep in the rainforest surrounded by trees and waterfalls this small piece of paradise is the perfect place to go and unwind. Offering a variety of treatments including a banana leaf massage (an absolute must), you can lay in peace as a world-class masseuse eases any stress out of your body, leaving you feeling brand new.

Top things to do

Waterfall Hunting:

Fiji is surrounded by many waterfalls hiding behind the dense tropical rainforest. To reach these I’d defiantly recommend hiring a car as you may even stubble across some completely untouched waterfalls and you’ll get to explore more of the island this way! A short trek through lots of greenery and trees will usually be necessary, but as soon as you hear that sound of gushing water it’s hard not to feel a rush of excitement. Bring towels, water, and a camera to capture your crazy adventure, just make sure it's waterproof!

Diving/ Snorkeling:

If crystal clear, warm water is what you’re after then Fiji is defiantly the place to visit. It's one of the most insane places I have ever snorkeled. We joined a boat excursion from Savusavu and spent that afternoon sailing around the Fijian coast. Fiji is lined with some of the best diving and snorkeling spots in the world. The shallow reefs mean the waters are a beautiful turquoise blue, they certainly aren’t hard to spot.

Whether you are diving or just snorkeling as soon as you jump in you’ll instantly be mesmerized by the huge array of fish and other sea life. The coral is just as interesting with some of the most vivid and unique formations in every direction. Along with the fish, you may be lucky to see anything from turtles and reef sharks to even dolphins and whales – a magical experience for sure.


A massage is a perfect mid-afternoon treat. We had ours in the Rainforest Spa at Koro Sun Resort which was incredible. We walked through the rainforest and on the route we even picked our own banana leaves ready for our traditional banana wrap massage. After an hour of body massage, we were covered in a soothing gel and wrapped in banana leaves. With the sounds of the rainforest and waterfall in the background, it truly was an unforgettable moment.

Get to know the locals

Fijians all lead a laid-back life, the best way to get to understand their culture is to immerse yourself in it. They are so happy and content with life, everything is on ‘Fiji time’ – they don’t rush to be on time and everything is chilled. Another reason to get to know the locals is they know all the secrets and best locations Fiji has to offer. Much of the land is protected and owned by local villages. On one evening, thanks to some of our new friends, we got access from a local village chief to explore his pristine beach and spent the evening watching the sunset under the palm trees.

Bonfires on the beach

We were lucky enough to spend New Year's Eve in Fiji and it couldn’t have gone better. With some new local friends we made during our trip we took blankets, beers, and music down to one of the many beautiful beaches, set up a bonfire, and spent the evening sharing stories and watching the sunset. As the sun disappeared below the horizon stars began to fill the sky, it was the perfect way to end a perfect holiday in Fiji.

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