16 Hacks for Hassle-Free International Travel: Master the Art of Packing

Hacks When Packing For International Travel

 Travelling can be one of the most exciting experiences in one’s life. The experience can at times turn dull due to several irritants that are encountered along the way.

Packing your international travel bags are fun but hand luggage can be especially frustrating and stressful when trying to fit everything into one organized carry-on. Learning new packing tips can change one's travel experience forever.

Organize Your Essentials: Create a Packing List for Peace of Mind

To ensure peace of mind when travelling, it is always important to make sure that the essentials are covered.  Instead of packing with the vague idea that everything you need to remember is in your head, write out all the necessities for the trip so that you have a visual note of all you need to carry.

Forgetting to carry obvious items such as your passport can cause one great misery that can be avoided through packing with the help of a packaging list.

Say Goodbye to Messy Shoes: Clever Tricks for Keeping Luggage Clean

The sight of dirty shoes beside other items of luggage can be very off-putting. Muddy shoes can be especially messy when it's time to pack. To avoid having stains on your favourite outfit, one can always slip shoes into old shower caps or buy cheap plastic ones.

Avoid Overweight Luggage: Weigh Your Bags and Maximize Packing Space

Weight limits can vary from airline to airline. Invest in luggage scales and make sure your bags are weighed before the trip. If the luggage is close to the weight limit consider reducing what you have packed or wearing heavier items.

Place the Heavy Items at the Bottom

It is always advisable to pack heavy items at the bottom, closer to the wheels and lighter items at the top. Ideally, your suitcase should be packed tightly to keep all items in place.

Stand Out from the Crowd: Unique Ways to Identify and Personalize Your Suitcase or bag

No one wants to be faced with the stressful airport carousel crisis where one is left searching for luggage among identical bags or suitcases.  Labelling your suitcase and giving it a little makeover can help you avoid such frustrating experiences.

Fresh Clothes on the Go: Simple Ways to Keep Your Garments Smelling Great

To keep your clothes smelling fresh, carry a few dryer sheets and place them in between your clothes. This technique is easier and more practical compared to carrying a bottle of fabric freshener.

Roll, Don't Fold: Save Space and Keep Wrinkles at Bay

Folding to most travellers always seems like the obvious go-to technique when it comes to packing clothes. Learning to roll clothes as opposed to folding them can save you more packing space. What’s more, the roll technique ensures that your garments remain wrinkle-free.

Protect Your Valuables: Keep Important Items in Your Hand Luggage.

When travelling, there is always the possibility that bags might go missing. Make sure important items and valuables are packed in your hand luggage.

Before you place items in your hand luggage, always find out the items that are allowed in the cabin bag. It is also prudent to scan items such as your passport and email them to yourself in case the unthinkable happens.

Keep Your Toiletries in Check: Use a Separate Wash Bag

Remember to keep a separate toiletry wash bag which helps keep all of your soaps, shower gels, and other bathroom essentials nice and separate from the rest of your luggage.

The Ultimate Multi-Purpose Item: How a Sarong Can Save the Day

A sarong can be used as a blanket, travel towel and cover-up. When travelling to culturally diverse areas they can be particularly useful when one is required to cover up legs and shoulders.

Avoid Breakage: Pack Fragile Items in Hard-Shell Cases

Always pack your headphones, charger and other items prone to breakage inside hard-shell cases.

Untangle Your Jewelry: A Smart Trick for Organizing Necklaces

When packing jewellery string your necklaces through a straw, this keeps them organised and untangled.

Power Up: How a Power Bar Can Simplify Your Electronic Needs

If you have packed a few electronics always carry a power bar. That way, you can plug different electronics into your power bar and only have to carry one international adapter.

Pack Like a Pro: How Packing Cubes Can Streamline Your Luggage

It is amazing how easy organising luggage can get when you make use of packing cubes.

Pack Wisely: Plan Your Outfits and Avoid Overpacking

Always plan outfits that you are likely to wear during your trip to avoid forgetting certain items of clothing and carrying unnecessary luggage

Leak-Proof Liquids: A Simple Technique for Packing Toiletries

When packing liquids, it is advisable to open the lid and place the plastic wrapper in between before tightly resealing around the plastic. The technique ensures that contents don’t leak during travel.