5 insider tips for Berlin

The fact that the capital of Germany has a lot of history, good food and events to offer as well as all sorts of bars, pubs and shopping facilities is certainly no longer a secret. But in order to experience a Berlin that is not in any travel guide, you either have to ask the Berliners themselves or follow the following insider tips.

White Trash Fast Food

The White Trash Fast Food is located directly between the Prenzlauer Berg district and Museum Island. Although it greets guests with Chinese lion statues in the entrance area, it serves American-German cuisine and delivers rock music. If you still like the hum of tattoo needles, live music, open-minded international guests, and great service, then nothing should stand in the way of a meal at White Trash Fast Food. "Fresh Food" and crazy combinations are the motto for the dishes.

Astro Bar

You can find a lot of good information about Friedrichshain on the internet. However, the Astro Bar in Friedrichshain is worth looking for. It's been around for years and has always been a great spot for live music, but most of all it's a great spot for space fans. The people who meet in the Astro Bar don't just come to chat or to enjoy listening to the live music. They also come to hover in other spheres. The complete design is reminiscent of a spaceship with small robots and gaming screens. The spacey interior was also what gave the bar its name.

Zukunft am Ostkreuz

The Zukunft am Ostkreuz cinema is also in Friedrichshain and is not just a cinema, but also a lifestyle and cultural experience. The location is unusual because the original film building of the GDR used to be used as a techno club and eventually fell victim to the flames. But the operators restored the building bit by bit. Many items, such as the ceiling lights, were previously used in other facilities, but blended in wonderfully with the new environment and give the rooms a very special charm. An open-air cinema, two cinema halls, a music club, a pub - a nice combination of all kinds of activities.

Heimathafen Neukölln

If you like popular theater and a noble ambiance, you should pay a visit to the Heimathafen in Neukölln. There are always performances on a wide variety of topics presented by good actors. The highlight of the Heimathafen is the trio “ Rixdorfer Perlen ”, which belts out authentic old Berlin songs and cracks jokes about everything.

Restaurant Ø

Ø means island and is pronounced “ö”. The restaurant is located directly in Kreuzberg and inspires everyone with its ambiance. The Berlin style can be found on every corner and the food is impressive with a wide variety.

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