8 reasons to visit The Philippines this summer

The Philippines, an archipelago in Southeast Asia north of Indonesia and east of Vietnam, boasts a lot of great attractions — the natural resources, great tropical weather, friendly people, and more. You can definitely enjoy touring famous landmarks and tourist attractions all over the country. If you are starting to plan where to take the wanderlust in you, the Philippines is a good choice. In this article, let us talk about 8 reasons why you should visit The Philippines this summer.

1. The Beaches

Boracay Beach in the Philippines

There have been awesome things said about beaches in the Philippines. Pictures are never enough and reading reviews online does not also help much. Visiting at least one will justify the words and descriptions you have been reading. Beaches in the Philippines are some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. They are at par or even better with those in Thailand, Indonesia, and Malaysia among Asian countries’ beaches. The sands are so fine and white, and the water is mesmerizingly clear and blue.

2. Blend of Cultures

Kadayawan festival in Davao City, Philippines

Since the culture and traditions in the Philippines have been influenced by many of its colonizers like the Spanish, American, and Chinese, you can expect that a lot of stuff you can find here also belonged to these.

In the Philippines, you can ride a calesa (horse pulling a carriage), visit Chinese temples and Spanish-inspired churches, and shop at three of the largest malls in the world (SM Supermalls’ Mall of Asia, SM North EDSA and SM Megamall) all in one day.

3. Shop at the Cheapest Prices 

Alabang the town center, of Manila

Speaking of shopping, the Philippines is where you will find a plethora of items — both native and modern — at affordable prices. You can travel down to Divisoria in Manila and go bargain-hunting for cheap thrills. This a great place to get gifts and souvenir items for your loved ones. You can also go to the vendor stalls at the sides for the latest fashion finds.

Try your best to haggle because Filipinos are the dearest vendors and they will give the best prices with a kind smile. But do carry an umbrella just in case you get a heat stroke and find yourself on a hospital mattress. The sun’s heat might strike you so do get protection.

4. Diving

Scuba diving near Puerto Galera in the Philippines

Few places in the world are known for the best diving adventures, and the Philippines counts as one of them. Many tourists love the diving spots in Coron, Malapascua Island, Misibis Bay, Apo Reef, and Monad Shoal. You can bring your diving license and even borrow a suit if you don’t plan to carry it.

See colorful schools of fish, corals, and sharks coming your way. Make sure to also bring an underwater camera because you do not want to miss all these great shots.

5. The People

There’s always a reason to celebrate – Penagbenga Festival, Baguio City

Filipinos are naturally kind and gentle. They will treat you really nicely especially if they sense that you are a foreigner in their town. They try to be hospitable and helpful in giving out directions. So do not be afraid to talk and mingle with the locals. You can speak in English without fearing the language barrier.

The people here can speak and understand English very well because it is their second language next to Filipino. Their friendliness will exceed your expectations.

6. The Food

Kakanin is a traditional sweet and munchy delicacy

Each province, town, and region in the Philippines has its own food specialty. The delicacies and tastes vary depending on the location. But during summer, halo-halo and sweet treats would be the most famous and available everywhere. Go for a nice thirst-quenching drink at a nearby cafeteria and order barbecue chicken on the side. It’s also good to pair that snack with Filipino rice cakes such as kutsinta, Puto, Sapin-Sapin, etc.

Restaurants and cafes are on almost every corner but just like what most people say, the best Filipino food is found in a true Filipino’s home. It would be nice if you could stay with a Filipino family (a friend or a relative) for a day and taste the delicious cuisine. Each delicacy truly is special and memorable. Filipino food is what most tourists come here for. Try Bagnet, anything with coconut milk, adobo, and kare-kare, pochero, mechado. Don’t forget to eat them with rice!

7. Natural Wonder of the World

Underground river caves in Puerto Princesa, Palawan

The Philippines hosts one of the natural wonders of the world called the Underground Cave System which is found in Palawan. Here you can find stunning views, the most diverse landscapes, and the best aquatic life in the country. It’s a nice getaway to visit the longest navigable underground river in the world that winds its way underneath a mountain range, through the St. Paul Underground River Cave, and then goes out into the South China Sea.

You will have many opportunities to take your next great profile picture as you pose against the cave system that is 24 kilometers long. You can also go island-hopping in Puerto Princesa to maximize your time in Palawan.

8. Snorkeling

Snorkeling at Puerto Galera in the Jardins Marinhos

Just like scuba diving, snorkeling is also one of the recommended water activities that you can do in the Philippines this summer. The islands here feature the most amazing sea life on earth. You can watch them very closely! If you are an underwater lover, you will definitely leave your heart on the Philippines’ shores. Fancy swimming with whale sharks? Snorkel with these graceful giants in Donsol and do not dare miss this chance to catch an authentic Filipino experience.

Boracay Island in the Philippines is also a must-visit site for snorkeling. Gears will all be provided so you do not have to worry about anything if you are backpacking.


Since it’s a tropical country, the Philippines is a great travel destination you should not miss this summer. Decide to book a vacation now with your family or be an adventurer and travel solo. Explore the beauty and natural wonders in this country and you won’t be disappointed. Enjoy the trip!

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