A Taste Of The Unusual On Your San Francisco Bucket List

If someone asked you to find the common point between The Maltese Falcon, Dirty Harry, and Mrs. Doubtfire, would you be able to find the solution? These films were all shot in San Francisco, even the Maltese Falcon which is surprising for a film of the 1940s. San Francisco is a hub of activities in California, and it’s no wonder it attracts so many tourists. But do you know where to find the true taste of this town?

Getting There In Style

While California feels like at the other end of the world, you can get to San Francisco from the UK in only 10 hours and for under £400. This suddenly makes the journey feel a lot smoother. Keep the smooth vibe with a cab driver from the airport to your hotel, with the booktaxisanfrancisco company, for example.

Finally, remember to register for your ESTA visa at least 72 hours before departure. You can do it easily online, and it costs only $14 for visits under 90 days. As the ESTA is valid for 2 years, you simply need to update it when you fly back to your next US holiday.

Miss The Obvious

Before you turn to the unusual San Francisco, make sure to stop by the obvious attractions first. The Golden Gate Bridge is one of the most famous American bridges and was until the mid-1960s the longest suspended bridge in the world.

Don’t miss Chinatown either, or any of the four Chinatowns in town, that awaits visitors with fantastic Chinese treats and beautiful souvenirs. Finally, take a tour of the Exploratorium, which is a large interactive museum for all.

Hidden Architectural Treasures

Dive into the secret architectural treasures of San Francisco: They are the guarantee of a holiday you won’t forget. To see the Wave Organ, which was built by Peter Richards in 1986. This amazing acoustic sculpture is on the bay side of the Marina and plays when the wind blows.

Wave organ

If you are after a more sporty experience, head to 16th Avenue where you will find 163 steps of bright mosaic tiles in the middle of the Sunset district. This colorful staircase was completed in 2005 with a mosaic donated by the local community. Finally, reconnect with your inner child and have a slide on the slippery slopes of Seward Street. Follow the sign that says no adult unless accompanied by a child and embrace the fun.

The Unexpected Encounters

Defenestration project

If you have already visited San Francisco in the past, you might have come across the Defenestration project, a giant sculpture on a building that made it look like the furniture was escaping a large hotel. Unfortunately, this project was shut down in 2014, but there are rumors that it might be reopened elsewhere in town. But surprise yourself with a quick visit to an antique shop specialized in oddities, Loved to Death on Haight Street, where you will find everything from taxidermy to jewelry.

Finally, conclude the day with a trip to Albion Castle, a large underground brewery built in 1870 by an English immigrant in the middle of San Francisco.