5 reasons why you should have a holiday home insurance

According to the survey that Schofields Insurance did to more than 1000 solo travelers, 65% of the travelers choose hotels and 44% of travelers prefer to use Airbnb instead, the main reason why holiday home rentals are becoming more popular is that 74% of travelers are trying to avoid extra charges levied by hotels.

If you have a holiday home, this is great news! It is that time of the year when numerous individuals and families are planning their vacations and they decide to rent a holiday home to spend their fun times in a home away from home. However, before you rent out your holiday home to someone, had it occurred to you that you should first opt for holiday home insurance? If not, now is the time! It is one of the most critical aspects these days when so many people are looking for homes for vacation purposes. This means that a standard home insurance policy will not work in this case because you have special and unique needs and requirements for your holiday home and thus, there has to be something offering proper coverage for the property.

We have compiled some very handy tips and also 5 of the major reasons why getting insurance for your holiday home is important and should not be overlooked.

It offers building insurance

This means that a customized holiday home insurance scheme will cover things like the structure of the property. This could be against a range of things including flood, storm, fire, bursting of pipes, and other damages. Sometimes it may also cover the repairing and fixing costs. The structural parts that it covers include the outbuilding, fences, and any gates, also added are any swimming pools, etc.

It offers insurance for contents

This means coverage of everything that is not nailed in your house. For example, TV sets, sofa sets, carpets, and curtains. You may customize it also to include add-ons like accidental damages because let’s be honest, the guests are never as careful as you are with your home.

Minimizes the loss in case of burglary

If your holiday home has been shut for a longer period of time, it can always be a target of thieves and burglars who may sneak in and take away your valuables. Would anyone want a holiday home that is intended to be a lucrative thing to turn into misery and a point of concern for you? Obviously not!

A standard home insurance policy is not enough

The home that you are residing in and the home that you are renting out to individuals to spend their holiday times are two different kinds of properties and should be considered in the same way. This means that things and assets you need to get coverage for might be really different than that of your residing home. This is major because you are living in that house and know exactly how to go about it in contrast to the latter.

Sourcing both policies from the same issuer may get you in lucks!

Now that you have realized you need a separate insurance policy and coverage for your holiday home, we would like to ring this to your knowledge that you might be in lucks if you source both policies from the same institution. This is because most of the time individuals are able to strike and package discounted deals.

In a nutshell, people are increasingly opting for social platforms that connect holiday homeowners with prospective renters and vice versa. Find out more about the Schofields insurance survey in the linked article, It will also help you understand how statistics have changed for people preferring these independent lodges over hotels that are expensive. However, for you to focus on is the fact that there are all kinds of people coming in from every corner so it is always better to ensure safety first!