Public Transport vs Private Transport

With the development of the transport industry came the increased usage of different types of vehicles that indeed make people’s lives easier, but also, poison the environment. The lack of awareness about the health of the environment makes us not care about the dangerous effects all the gasses create in the air. However, since the way we live requires driving, it is impossible to simply ban all vehicles. Instead of such a radical move, we can learn what to do in order to reduce pollution and still travel. Driving a bike instead of a car is a great solution, but, for short distances only. Also, if you’re renting a car, the great tip to save the environment is to carefully compare car rentals and choose an eco-friendly car. However, the most important thing is to know the difference between the effects caused by public transport and private transport.

1.    Which One Is Healthier?

Using public transport is healthier for the environment for a few reasons. A very strong proof of this is the fact that choosing public instead of private transport means not producing too much of the overall carbon footprint.

2.    Parking Troubles

Public transport won’t make you angry and nervous because you’re late because you can’t find a place to park your car. Also, even if you find your spot on the time, parking can be very expensive. So, choosing public transport and having a safe parking spot is very beneficial.

3.    The Price

Tickets for public transport are less expensive than gas petrol used by cars. Another benefit is that you can buy season tickets if you are visiting someplace every day. For example, going to work. The bad thing is that ticket prices are rising and if more people are going by car, they can always share the costs.

4.    Reliability

Both public and private transport can be and not be reliable. Choosing public transport is beneficial because the rides are always under the schedule, so you can decide when is the best time to go. However, public transport can be late because of many reasons, so it is not impossible that you are late for your destination because of this. On the other side, private transport also lets you choose the time to travel. When driving your car, you are the one deciding when to make a pause or which road to go, which is good. However, you can lose time in your car because of the traffic jam.

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