5 off-the-beaten-track Destinations in the USA for Nature Lovers

Destinations in the USA for Nature Lovers

Behind the Hollywood image of cowboys, bright cities, and road trips, you’ll find that the USA is its stunning array of natural landscapes and wildlife. Whether you want to go sandboarding down a dune or stand in the spray of a freezing cold waterfall, the United States has a destination for you. Here, we’ve put together a little guide to some fantastic natural beauty spots you might not have known about.

Smith Rock State Park, Oregon

The US is full of stunning national parks, and one overlooked one is the Smith Rock State Park in Oregon. With its towering spires of rock and winding rivers, this place is full of natural beauty and hiking trails for every ability level. It’s also sunny about 300 days out of the year, making it a pretty guaranteed spot for an outdoorsy day appreciating nature in the sunshine.

The Devil’s Bridge, Arizona

If you like to combine breathtaking scenery with hair-rising activities, then the Devil’s Bridge in Arizona is the destination for you. Set in a stunning red-rock landscape, the Devil’s Bridge trailhead forms a high arch from which you can stare down at the treetops below, and get an amazing panoramic view of the Coconino National Forest.

The Finger Lakes, New York

Made up of 11 long, narrow lakes (like fingers), the finger lakes are one of the most underrated destinations in New York State. Filled with stunning waterfalls and gorges, these tranquil and beautiful lakes framed by high-sided cliffs are a wonderful place to feel at one with nature.

New York, New York

A nature lover,  but you can’t make it out of the city  – or do you want to experience the urban lifestyle as well? Surprisingly enough, Prospect Park in Brooklyn is one of the most ecologically rich spots in the USA for birds, where you can expect to see up to 100 different species a day during the migration season. 

Great Sand Dunes Park, Colorado

Considered a hidden natural wonder, the Great Sand Dunes Park in Colorado is one to add to your nature-loving bucket list. With sand dunes to rival the Sahara desert, this surprisingly little-known national park is an unmissable spot on any nature lover’s American itinerary, showcasing one of the natural world’s most dramatic landscape formations. As well as absorbing the otherworldly scenery, you can enjoy the fantastic hiking and horseriding trails and cool off at the park’s beautiful natural swimming hole.

The US is full of stunning natural landscapes and wildlife, from Yellowstone National Park to the Grand Canyon – but these are just a few more amazing spots that often get overlooked and should definitely make your itinerary. They are great attractions that can spice up and add adventure to any road trip. Whichever your choice, you can always find here options for a nice and safe journey.

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