Tips and Tricks Guide for Travelling and Trekking in Nepal

Travelling and Trekking in Nepal

Deciding to visit Nepal is one of the best decisions you can make, this beautiful country has a whole host of amazing places to see, things to do and moments to experience that will take your breath away.

The best way to find these special moments is by doing what Nepal is famous for, trekking through its spectacular landscapes to see as much of this country as possible.

This guide will help you decide on some of the best places to trek whilst also giving you some tips to make sure you’re ready.

Tips and Tricks Guide for Travelling and Trekking in Nepal

Annapurna Base Camp Trek

My top recommendation for Annapurna trekking would have to be the Annapurna Base Camp Trek, this is a 13-day organized trek to see some of the mountains Nepal’s famous for including Mt. Annapurna I, Mt. Annapurna III, Mt. Gangapurna and Fishtail Mountain.

Just some of the highlights of this trip include trekking through some of the forests and countryside of Nepal before reaching the Dhampus hilltop where you can see a selection of the mountain ranges all around you and this is only day 2.

Day 7 is when the trek reaches the Annapurna Sanctuary which is surrounded by beautiful mountains said to be home to the Hindu Goddesses Annapurna and Gangapurna, you’ll explore here for an entire day before heading back.

The rest of the days are spent trekking through Nepal’s beautiful scenery taking in the sights and sounds that make up Nepal before arriving back in Kathmandu on day 13. Annapurna trekking is not the easiest thing to do but is definitely one of the most rewarding.

Travelling and Trekking in Nepal

Everest Base Camp Trek

Obviously, this trek had to be included as Everest is Nepal’s most famous mountain, in fact, it’s probably the most famous mountain in the world.

A trek to Everest Base camp is a great way to see this iconic mountain without all the expense and danger of trying to reach the summit, that’s a whole other level of trekking.

Reaching the base camp of Everest is a fantastic way to see some of the historic Buddhist monasteries and meet the local Sherpa community that is the lifeblood of the country, all of these experiences lead up to the best view of the iconic snow-capped peak of Everest.

Travelling and Trekking in Nepal

Trekking Tips

Depending on the trek you’re thinking about undertaking there is a range of factors to consider, the first and most important one being how fit are you as a gentle stroll and trying to summit the peak of Everest will obviously require a different level of fitness.

You have to make sure you’re prepared to walk for hours every day over difficult terrain which leads me to my next tip, boots.

The boots you wear can make or break a trek as walking for miles in a pair of cheap boots you got on offer a while ago will turn a dream trek into one you wish was over. This is the one area where you really don’t want to spare any expense as the right boots will last you for years through many different adventures.

Finally, my last tip will be to always pack essential supplies, these are the universal items that will come in handy if you need them, things such as a map of the area, compass, warm clothing, first aid kit, matches, torch, a knife and always more food and water than you need.

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