The 5 best Greek Islands to Visit

Greece is an absolutely gorgeous country with amazing coastlines, great food, and expansive history. Greek luxury villa rentals, although containing wonderful and convenient features, are often extremely expensive. When purchasing last-minute villas in Greece, this can be especially true and can tarnish an otherwise memorable experience with huge fees.

Thankfully, a last-minute plan can sometimes work to your advantage. Some villas offer last-minute deals at greatly reduced prices.  Now, these deals are generally only for a couple nights so what if you want to stay for a couple weeks instead?

By island hopping, you can go from last-minute deals to last-minute deals while also seeing more of what Greece has to offer. Now, there are several Greek islands surrounding the mainland and while they all are nice, I am going to list the five best Greek islands to visit.

1. Sifnos

Greek Islands

This island has the perfect balance of beautiful beaches, low-impact tourism, and nice food. There are a couple of museums and 360 churches on the island. For those of you interested in the history of Greece, this island is a perfect destination. Wrought with culture, this island was named after the temple of Apollo, the Greek god of the Sun (among other things). As such, there are shrines and such based upon that intriguing bit of mythology.

2. Mykonos

Greek Islands

A staple island of Greece and a popular tourist spot, Mykonos is our top choice because it has everything you could possibly want out of a trip; great beaches with music, delicious food, and vibrant nightlife. For the calmer traveler, there are also plenty of romantic and relaxing places to unwind away from the noise.

3. Crete

Greek Islands

Speaking of food, Crete is the best island for cuisine. As an avid admirer of Greek cuisine, I can say without a doubt that this island is the place to go. There are several world-famous restaurants and small local eateries, all waiting to be experienced. You can book your Car Rental so you’ll have your own means of transportation there as you try to go and experience a one-of-a-kind food tour.

4. Zakynthos

Greek Islands

an Island famous for its beaches, Zakynthos is the go-to spot for any family or couple that wants to spend their vacation soaking up the sun. Beautiful resorts, sandy beaches, and lots of sun… Sounds great, doesn’t it? But don’t just take my word for it, get yourself a last-minute villa in Greece and come here.

5. Koufonisia

Greek Islands

This is the place for peace and quiet in Greece. There are still beaches and resorts but everything here is calmer. Cars are few and far between and the locals here often walk or bicycle around the island. They were even cut off from major technology (including electricity) until around 1980! Just imagine how much you can relax in a place like that.

These are the list of the five best Greek islands to visit based on my experience. But hey, don’t just take my word for it! Get yourself a few Greek luxury villa rentals and find out on your own. If you can, visit all five of these islands so you can really immerse yourself in the experience. Just be sure to let us know what you think and tell us of your favorite island(s) you encountered on your adventure.

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