Ways to Plan a Surprise Getaway for your Partner

 The element of surprise always adds value to any gift. For one, the recipient hasn’t prepared themselves for it, nor have they built up any expectations that would have spoiled the present.

Surprises aren’t limited to gifts alone. For the romantics out there, you can also treat your loved ones to a wonderful out-of-town getaway, an escape from the city and all its hurly-burly.

Some quality time together can add more fuel to your passionate relationship or rekindle any blown-out wicks.

If you want to surprise your partner with a secret getaway, here are a few ways you can make that happen.

Mask Your Plans with a Decoy Gift

This is particularly useful if you have an inquisitive partner. By giving them an early surprise different from your actual trip, you’ll lead them off your back while you’re noting down your itinerary.

However, if you’re sly enough and love teasing your partner, this can be a great opportunity to hint at what you’re planning without giving too much away. That way, on the actual unveiling of your planned trip, they’ll slowly put the pieces together, and the dawning realization on their faces will be more satisfying.

For example, you can surprise them with a bag meant for a trip, like the best weekender bag you can buy, which you’ll leave on the bed beside a bunch of subtle accessories for traveling.

Nothing too obvious like a map or your passports. Something more like a pair of sunglasses meant for the beach.

Leave a Bread-Crumb Trail

Speaking of leading your partner, you know how in romantic movies there’s a trail of rose petals leading to a candlelit dinner table in the woods? Yeah, you can do something like that too.

While the rose-petal method implies a romantic dinner, it’s neither appropriate nor practical for a surprise getaway trip. Rather than a trail of flowers, how about leaving a mess of travel clothes and gear leading to the garage?

Initially, they’ll think you’re just being irresponsible. But when they reach your car, see it all prepped up for a long journey, and realize that the “mess” they’ve picked up after you is actually stuff you will use on the trip, the effect will be just as enjoyable as that of the previous technique.

Be Discreet When Making Reservations

Ever wanted to be a secret agent and employ “spy craft” (i.e., an anonymous identity, a disposable cell phone, etc.)? Well, now’s the time to channel that childhood fantasy and use it when preparing for your trip.

You don’t want your spouse to accidentally open your email address or phone and find out that you’ve been making reservations for two at a resort, thereby spoiling the surprise. Thus, you will want to conceal your activities by using a different contact number or address.

Of course, you may still need to supply your real name and other personal info to the establishment you’re reaching out to, but you don’t have to give them the number for your home phone, which can be picked up by your spouse. Instead, use a secondary phone number and a secret email address that only you know of.

Ready for a Good Time?

These three methods will certainly add a bit of spice to your relationship. Remember how, in courtship, mystery adds excitement to the pursuit! That’s also true with maintaining a loving relationship with your partner.

In fact, a getaway trip can seem as if you’re courting them again. Both of you will feel the tingles just like you did on the day you had your first kiss. So get to planning that secret vacation!