10 Most Beautiful Camping Spots in Australia

Camping Spots in Australia

Australia is home to the most breathtaking camping destinations because of its geographical diversity. You will find yourself stupefied by the Australian Alps, vast deserts, long coastal stretches, and snow-capped mountains!

Whether you’re gearing up for a camping trip alone or with a bunch of wanderlusts, Australia’s camping gems will definitely blow your mind. But where’s the perfect place to go? Whatever your cup of tea, really.

If you’re up for digging toilets yourself (I also like to call it “on the rocks”), or if you’re more of a glamping adventurer, Australia’s mixed bag of mountains and beaches got you covered, one way or another.

Strap on your best backpacks and let’s breeze through the top 10 of the most beautiful camping spots in Australia you shouldn’t miss!

10 Most Beautiful Camping Spots in Australia

1. Dawsons Spring, Mt Kaputar National Park, New South Wales

Known as an “ecological island”, Mount Kaputar is 1,510 meters above sea level. Once you summit the mountain, you can take in a beautiful panoramic view of New South Wales!

You can then rest your tired feet at Dawsons Spring Campground located along the summit and enjoy barbecues in the summer heat!

2. Mitchell Falls, Mitchell River National Park, Western Australia

This is great if you’re looking for a bit of an adventure as the Mitchell Plateau is not an easy hiking feat.

But every ounce of energy is totally worth it once you take the 6-kilometer walk to the four-leveled Mitchell Falls! A sight not to be missed!

3. The Fortress, Grampians National Park, Victoria

Indulge in the grandeur of massive structures! Encompass yourself with the Fortress’s sandstone landform comprised of steep cliffs and soaring towers.

You can bring your camping essentials, spread a mat and enjoy the overlooking Grampians landscape! A great way to spend the day!

4. Booderee National Park, Jervis Bay, New South Wales

Blaze under the exuberant sun and beach bum on the white sand beaches along Jervis Bay. What better way to spend the afternoon than to wait for humpback whales to steal the show, especially during June or July!

Then you can head on to the Green Patch Camping area for your much-awaited barbecue and beer (always the best way to end the day!). Don’t forget to bring your camping essentials!

5. Lake Eyre National Park, Southern Australia

Camping in this vast, bare wilderness is one for the books! Did you know that this is Australia’s lowest point to camp at 12 meters above sea level?

Lake Eyre gives your eyes something to feast on with miles and miles of spacious desert and bright blue skies!

6. Main Range, Kosciuszko National Park, New South Wales

This is the first mecca of skiing in Australia if you come during the winter. But if you prefer warmer weather, you can enjoy a hike to the Maine Range and breath in beautiful wildflowers and panoramic views of the mountains!

7. Poeppel Corner, Simpson Desert National Park, Queensland

Get a kick out of herculean red sand dunes that rise up to 90 meters! Sounds exciting? Get a load of this; the Simpson Desert National Park is a meeting point of two states!

8. Lucky Bay, Cape Le Grand National Park, Western Australia

Take delight in Lucky Bay’s sun, sand, and surf. Bask yourself in unadulterated crystal clear waters that kiss with the bluest skies!

The sound of it makes me want to book the next flight and jump right into the adventure!

9. Noah Beach, Cape Tribulation, Daintree National Park, Queensland

Don’t miss out on the diverse wildlife Australia has to offer. Daintree National Park is home to kangaroos and a variety of bird species!

If this piques your interest, then set up camp at Noah Beach camping area, indulge in a tucked-away beach, and daydream to your heart’s content!

10. Wycliffe Well Holiday Park, Northern Territory

A believer in UFOs? Wycliffe Well is known for its UFO sightings since the World War II. But that’s not the only activity you can do when you camp out here (as if that’s not exciting enough already), you can explore the Devil's Marbles conservation reserve accessible just a few minutes away.