Top 5 Things to do in Malaga this Summer


5 Things to do in Malaga this Summer

Malaga, situated in the Costa del Sol, boasts an impressive array of attractions for holidaymakers, ranging from the sun-soaked beaches to cultural and adventure-filled pursuits. Yet, among the region's many offerings, Malaga undoubtedly stands out. Not only is it conveniently accessible via regular Monarch flights from Manchester, but it also caters to a diverse range of travelers, from solitary globetrotters to families with youngsters. Thus, if you're planning a trip to the region this summer, what are some must-sees?

San Juan Festival

Ensuring that your Malaga itinerary coincides with one of the many events held throughout the year is undoubtedly a wise decision. Perhaps one of the most remarkable events on the calendar is the San Juan Festival, which celebrates midsummer and reaches its climax on the night of June 23rd. The festival showcases a multitude of activities, from dramatic beachside bonfires to street dancing and live musical performances. Moreover, watching young revelers show their valor by jumping over the flames is a captivating sight, albeit one that may occasionally leave you with bated breath!

Virgen del Carmen Procession

Malaga takes great pride in its maritime heritage, and on July 16th, it commemorates its history and traditions with a special procession. The procession involves the transport of a figure of Our Lady of Carmen through the city's streets and fishing districts, followed by a journey on a fishing boat adorned with flowers, accompanied by several other vessels. This unique spectacle is enhanced by a range of activities, including brass band music and fireworks, contributing to an overall carnival-like atmosphere.

Malaga Fair

Every August, the people of Malaga hold the street party of the year, with revelers donning traditional Spanish attire and indulging in food, drink, and merriment. Visitors are welcome to join in the celebrations, culminating in a spectacular fireworks display that illuminates the entire Malaga coastline.

Exploring Malaga's Historic Buildings

Malaga has a fascinating and diverse history, much of which is evident in the city's buildings and monuments. Among the most remarkable is the Roman Theatre, providing a vivid glimpse into the region's past. The Arabic Bathhouses, dating back to the late 13th century, offers another snapshot of a distant era, offering visitors an insight into the relaxation methods employed at the time. A tour of Malaga's historic buildings would not be complete without a visit to the city's cathedral, a Renaissance masterpiece that took over two centuries to construct. The interior is equally stunning, with its Gothic details and grand artwork guaranteed to impress visitors.

Picasso Museum

Malaga's most famous son, the legendary artist Pablo Picasso, is immortalized in a museum devoted to his life and works. The museum houses authentic Picasso masterpieces, including sketches, oil paintings, sculptures, and drawings, offering a unique insight into the artist's evolution throughout his remarkable career, including his renowned Blue period and innovative Cubist explorations. Additionally, the museum's location in a historic 17th-century Renaissance building provides visitors with a deeper understanding of the artist's upbringing and the environment in which he grew up.

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