Why Yoga Retreat Is The Best Holiday Option For You

Why Yoga Retreat Is The Best Holiday Option For You

”Change is not something that we should fear. Rather, it is something that we should welcome. For without change, nothing in this world would ever grow or blossom and no one in this world would ever move forward to become the person they’re meant to be.”

B.K.S. Iyengar- Founder Of Iyengar Yoga


Why Yoga Retreat Is The Best Holiday Option For You

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For years I worked extremely hard, sleeping only 3-5 hours (sometimes not sleeping at all!). Not only was I being completely absorbed by my job, working overtime, but I was also conscious of my body. So in my daily routine, I only paid attention to fat-burning exercises such as cardio and weight lifting. I was so focused on maintaining a good physique I pushed myself and my body way too hard. I was stuck in a self-destructive cycle.

At that time, I found myself questioning if this is all that life had to offer. I had lost all motivation to solve existing problems as though an actual ball of stress was manifesting itself within me, making me feel constant fatigue and tearfulness. I had completely lost the desire to strive for success; it was only a matter of time before all these feelings reflected in my physical health. I was eventually diagnosed with anxiety which was primarily caused by chronic stress and depression. Something had to seriously change in my life as I was heading in a downward spiral losing control over my own life.

I brought Yoga came into my life just when these feelings started to become overwhelming, as I was searching for “non-medical” help. After reading a few stories of how Yoga worked so well for others in combating anxiety, I decided to take a trip to Bali. There I was introduced to a type of yoga I saw fit for me. As I had become accustomed to active sports yoga was different and much more challenging than I first anticipated. My favorite however difference which also happened to be the main one was that throughout the yoga classes, I was told to listen to my body. Not to push myself; treating my body as a vessel, separate from my mind but to consider it all as interconnected. I finally understood that if any one of the three, body, mind, or soul, were in a bad place it would bring down the rest. Contrary, if I was in a low mental state due to personal factors, I could bring positivity back by taking care of my body and finding peace in my soul.

Why Yoga Retreat Is The Best Holiday Option For You

After I started practicing yoga, I felt that an unusual calmness began to spread throughout my mind! I believe it’s something that every sentient being should aspire to achieve in our crazy world. Yoga helped rejuvenate my strength and release unnecessary feelings such as anger and sorrow. It unlocked my mind, helping to change my perspective on life and thus allowing new opportunities to present themselves to me. I find it easier to tackle issues as they emerge and stay on top of things rather than feeling like I am drowning in them. Soon after I began this journey of practicing Yoga, this ball of stress that I use to constantly feel within me began to fade. With each passing day, it became clearer to me that this feeling was a projection of my mismanaged issues and it was a way to cope with the devastating feelings I subjected myself to. A tranquillity that I have not felt in years was being restored to my soul.


Why Yoga Retreat Is The Best Holiday Option For You

It is obvious in today’s world many people are stuck in a 09:00-17:00 job and have a daily routine to pay off bills and other everyday amenities. However, don’t allow this to disconnect you from your body and soul. Instead of using your holiday to just lay in the sun and “recover” from all the hard work, why don’t you truly treat your body and consider these beneficial factors when deciding on one of your annual holidays:

Release The Stress

If you don’t take the time to listen to your body, mind, and spirit, how, could you be aware of what’s wrong with it? By taking a break from everything and focusing on your self-care, you can assess what is damaged and work on the healing process. A retreat allows you to rest and be free from the stresses you leave at home, focusing primarily on your personal growth.

Why Yoga Retreat Is The Best Holiday Option For You

Meet New People

Surrounding yourself with a group of people who are all at a place for similar interests allows you to form strong bonds and progress faster in the process of healing and development. These like-minded people may end up inspiring you or even better you may inspire others which in either case will leave you with a boost of positivity to life.

Easy And Healthy

As the retreat is focusing solely on your health and wellbeing, everything is taken into account from your exercise and downtime to your nutrition. Your meals are specifically health-focused and will be prepared for you. This is also an easy way to see what sort of things you should be eating on a daily basis.

Location, Location, And One More Time Location

By choosing a yoga retreat, you’re not only signing up to practice yoga every day, but you’re also committing to an adventure. Yoga retreats take many factors into account when choosing a location all of which will help unlock creativity and spark a pro-life attitude within. Pick a yoga retreat in a place you’ve always wanted to visit so you can combine travel and personal development.

A Fresh Start

Holding on to the past prevents you, in many cases, from moving ahead in life. Being able to let go of these things is always difficult thus we haven’t done so already. Another benefit of being surrounded by people who share this feeling is the sharing of energy within the group. Seeing others overcoming and letting go of past issues creates a sense of self-awareness that proves you are capable of doing so also! When you let go of the past, you free up a huge amount of energy which can then be directed into enjoying life that much more. That may be one of the greatest benefits of attending yoga.

Combining Travel With Exercise

Of course, we all want to unwind on holiday so don’t comprehend the word exercise as exhausting. Most of us could use the extra hand when it comes to keeping motivated with respect to exercise so put yourself in a group where you don’t have to worry about creating a routine. Everything is already figured out for you!

After your arrival at the resort, you can start to experience paradise, practicing yoga and enjoying beautiful surroundings. Once you are there it all starts to make sense. Destinations like Bali, Thailand, Morocco, and Spain are great places to start. Of course, it all depends on personal preference and where you are based.

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