Lake Bohinj, Slovenia-A Pilgrim in Paradise

Lake Bohinj, Slovenia

Have you ever wondered what Paradise looks like? I am sure that we all have some sort of an image of what we believe it should look like. I suspect that for most people it is an image in a book, a movie, or a Youtube video. Someplace we have not really seen with our own two eyes. It was like that for me, I travelled from place to place, but never saw the place that talked to my very soul. Then I stumbled on to Lake Bohinj in Slovenia. All of a sudden I knew that I had found my one, true Paradise on Earth. My eyes were assaulted at every turn and it was love, pure love, at first sight.

I visited the lake in autumn, at the very time the leaves were changing colour from green to yellowish gold. The combinations of reds, greens, and yellow golds simply were riots of colours, so beautiful and magical. It was like walking in a fairy tale, except it was real this time.

The city itself is very small but drop-dead gorgeous. The lake which surrounds the city is huge yet still full of wildlife from ducks to birds, and with fish swimming visibly. The mountain range and the pine forest protect the lake, like a mother cuddling her child.

Lake Bohinj, Slovenia

There was a two-hour boat ride through the lakes and I was seduced into relaxation mode. It was like a ride through a secret passage toward an unknown magical world….I was back in the comfort of my mother’s womb.

I do really love this place, I love the way it talks to my eyes and my soul. My eyes were always glued to the scenery in front of me and my mind was as wild as the wind.

If you like hard-core activities, there are plenty of climbs to do, from the waterfall to the highest mountain in the area. Or if you like the slow pace, there is a nice hike up to a church or just a stroll along the lake and city area. I was lucky, there were no bears in the waterfall area when I climbed there. I am just kidding… maybe!

There is another lake called Lake Bled close by. Maybe a twenty to thirty-minute bus ride away, with a beautiful castle in the middle. It too is a beautiful sight to behold and fun to explore. Lake Bled is a bit touristy, in my mind, with so many tourists visiting the place, either for a day tour or an overnight stay. The cobblestone streets around the old town are an inspiration and make for a nice stroll. The food in the area is not bad either.

Lake Bohinj, Slovenia

I love both lakes. But, have no illusions, Lake Bohinj is much quieter, and much more peaceful, compared to Lake Bled.

If there is such a place as Paradise on Earth..for me, it is Lake Bohen..hands down!

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