5 Things Every Traveler Should Take with Them

While travel can be pure joy, part of what makes it joyful is having the necessary tools to make it as easy and stress-free as possible. Not only do you need these obvious essentials, but having one or two creature comforts makes the trip that much better.

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Here are the five must-haves that expert travelers never leave home without.

The Travel Backpack

This is the holy grail of the savvy traveler. Whether your trip is one night or 50, it doesn’t matter how much luggage you have. You are going to love having a backpack for the smaller things. It is so handy to have with you on the plane to carry all your important things in.

Especially during a long-haul flight, like Sydney to Hong Kong, you want to have the essentials on you – electronics, medications, snacks, etc. And on your trip, it is nice to have on your back during your daytime adventures, so you are hands-free and able to take along anything you might need without going back to the hotel in the middle of the day.

The Packable Jacket

A blessing in disguise. Not only do they come in handy in-flight as a pillow, but in the evenings when the chill starts to invade the air, or when you are caught off-guard in a downpour. A lightweight, moisture-wicking, wrinkle-free packable jacket will save you in many situations.

Invest in a high-quality jacket that looks good and fits well, and most importantly, is packable. This means you can roll it up tight and fit it into just about any small space in your pack.

The Comfortable Walking Shoe

This is one of the important ones. It doesn’t matter what sort of trip you are on; you are going to do a fair amount of walking. Why not wear something super comfortable on your feet? You will want something that looks good, of course, but also thinks about sturdiness, sole comfort, and water resistance.

Also, consider what activities you will be doing. Choose your shoe wisely and invest money in a good pair – you will thank yourself for it!

The Lightweight Camera

While you should always try to live in the moment and not constantly be taking pictures, it is important to save SOME memories and capture that great, jaw-dropping shot. But you want a camera that is not heavy and bogs you down, as well.

Whether you are a novice or an expert photographer, having the right camera for your needs is essential. Yes, you can use your smartphone, but a good camera always takes better-quality photos. Consider a mirrorless, compact camera, which is powerful and easy to use.

The Travel Organizer

Money, credit cards, passports, IDs…these are all super essential items that are small and are EXTREMELY inconvenient if lost or stolen. So, do everything you can to avoid that by getting yourself a good travel organizer to keep with you at all times.

Keep all of these precious items in one place, so you are not fumbling around looking for them. Organizers are also good for printed boarding passes, pen and paper.

Having these essential items for each and every trip ensures your travels will go smoothly.

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