How to Secure your Home when you are Traveling?

Secure your Home when you are Travelling

It’s estimated, that a burglary or break-in happens nearly every 40 seconds in the UK. Furthermore, about 45% of burglaries occur when nobody is home. So, it’s very important to leave a secure house when you are away. In order to enjoy your vacation without fears and worries about your home safety, you need to be sure that your residential property is very well protected. It’s advisable to get information on whether your living area has high burglary rates or not. So, you can secure your house according to your individual requirements.

Experts say that houses without security measures in place are more likely to be burgled than those with elementary security measures. Here are some options that can help you to improve the safety of your home and to avoid burglaries when you are traveling.

Make your House Look Occupied

Your home should look like someone is living in it. You can leave lights, radio or the TV on a timer. Moreover, the existence of old newspapers and mail may be a signal to potential criminals that the house is empty. So, you can ask a trusted neighbor to collect your newspapers and mail. You can also cancel newspaper or milk deliveries.

It’s also advisable to use the “keepsafe” service of the Royal Mail. In this case, they can keep your mail for up to 2 months. It’s also a good idea to ask a trusted friend or neighbor to move your vehicle periodically for criminals to think that you are around.

Home Security System

One of the most effective ways to prevent your house from being burglarized is to install a monitored security system for your home. There are many types of alarm systems on the market and an experienced locksmith can help you to choose the best one for your home, depending on your budget and your unique safety needs. The monitored systems also notify local authorities and they can investigate the reason for alarm activation.

Don’t Advertise

Don’t talk about your holiday plans on public social network sites. Burglars may use any information written there to their advantage. Moreover, before posting your vacation photos on Facebook, Instagram, or on other social networks, think about potential viewers.

According to the Mail Online, a huge 70% of internet users post photos on Instagram while away. Please consider, that this application often allows strangers to see where the photo was taken. Furthermore, it’s highly inadvisable to change your phone message to inform people that you are away.

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