Where to stay in Merzouga?

Where to stay in Merzouga

Many travelers ask where to stay in Merzouga when they plan to visit Merzouga desert which is one of the most visited deserts in the world. Merzouga has a lot of hotels, guesthouses and desert camps which is a good thing to hear, so you can reach the accommodation in Merzouga easily.

It is good to hear that Merzouga has a lot of accommodation, but the problem is how to compare and book the best accommodation in Merzouga? Continue reading this article will help you choose the best hotel, guest house, or desert camp in Merzouga.

We will help you choose where to stay in Merzouga by answering questions that many travelers have asked before about Merzouga Accommodation services and pricing.

Going to Merzouga desert by car? Do I need a 4×4? In which hotel to stay in Merzouga? What is the best place to see the stars in Morocco? Do I contract the desert tour with an agency?

All these doubts came to mind when we were preparing for our trip to Morocco. Of the entire route, the part that cost us the most to decide how we would do it was the Merzouga desert.

The Merzouga desert is part of our road trip through Morocco through the Berber villages of the Atlas. If you want to know the rest of the stages and how to organize a trip to Morocco on your own, we recommend our Morocco travel guide of what to see in Morocco.

Where to stay in Merzouga

As you already know, we usually travel on our own and arrive by our own means to all the places whenever possible. We wanted to rent a small and cheap car to travel from Fez to the Merzouga desert and then cross the Atlas to Marrakech. The problem is that we did not find much information on whether it was possible to get to a hotel in Merzouga that was at the foot of the dune with an ordinary car. We saw that everyone had gone in a 4×4 or on a tour. After studying the satellite view of Google Maps and having found the testimony of a friend who had arrived by car, we decided that we could also get to the hotel in Merzouga in our car.

Once the car theme was decided, it was time to see where we would stay once we reached the Merzouga desert. We knew that one night we wanted to do it in a hotel but, as soon as we left, we already had the dunes to walk and another night we wanted to do it in a desert camp ( Berber Tents ) deep in the desert of Merzouga.

Being our first time in the desert, we wanted the night to be perfect and we had the chance to see a starry sky. When you start to study the accommodations available in the Merzouga desert (or Erg Chebbi as some call it) you realize that the offer is immense. They have exploited the desert as much as they could and we wanted to be in a place where we could feel loneliness and not tourism. The first thing we did was to paint on a map all the accommodations that, by price and by evaluations of other travelers, suited us to go.

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