10 Foods Not to Miss at Disneyland

10 Foods Not to Miss at Disneyland

Disneyland is fittingly nicknamed the “happiest place on Earth.” Around every corner, experiences await to fulfill dreams for children and adults alike. It is also, I would say, a foodie’s paradise. Everywhere you turn your nose is bombarded by tempting smells. The amount of restaurants and food stands can get overwhelming when trying to decide what to eat. Here are 10 foods not to miss on your trip to Disneyland.

Beignets- Ralph Brennan’s Jazz Kitchen

Warm and fresh from the frier and dusted with a generous helping of powdered sugar, this taste of New Orleans is not to be missed. These pastries are melt-in-your-mouth soft. We loved them so much we went twice. If you’re in a time crunch, you can skip the sit-down restaurant and go to the express counter next door. You can even pick up a box of beignet mix to take home and make yourself.

Location: Downtown Disney

Berry Belgian Waffles- Ariel’s Grotto

Ariel’s Grotto offers a fun princess breakfast that allows you to mingle with a few of the princesses. As soon as I found out about this character meal, I knew we had to make reservations since Ladybug is deep in her princess infatuation. I recommend the berry Belgian waffles served with your choice of bacon or sausage and bircher muesli. I had no idea what bircher muesli was when I ordered but it ended up being pretty good. The best way I can describe it is it is a cross between oatmeal and grits served cold with raisins and oatmeal. A scrumptious berry compote on top of a Belgian waffle adds the right amount of sweetness to your breakfast. A perfect meal to start your day.

Location: Paradise Pier- Disney’s California Adventure

Cream-Cheese Filled Pretzel- Refreshment Corner

I stumbled on this gem completely by accident. We were looking for something quick for dinner before finding a spot to watch the parade. D and I both had hot dogs but Ladybug was begging for a pretzel. So we bought a cream-cheese pretzel for the kids to share. I sneaked a few bites when they weren’t looking and immediately regretted the hot dog I had. I should’ve just got the pretzel instead. The warm, soft dough mixes with the gooey cream cheese, and just a hint of sweetness adds a nice touch to this delectable snack.

Location: Main Street, USA- Disneyland Park

Ocean Beach Sea Salt Caramel Sundae- Ghirardelli Soda Fountain and Chocolate Shop

Ghirardelli’s is a luxury that we don’t indulge in very often. They know how to do ice cream, for sure, but are grossly overpriced, in my opinion. That being said, the Ocean Beach Sea Salt Caramel Sundae is amazing and worth the price for an occasional indulgence. It is also quite filling. I recommend sharing with another person or two. You can save some money that way, too!

Location: Pacific Wharf- Disney’s California Adventure

Pommes Frites- Cafe Orleans

A generous helping of delicious fries topped with a mixture of Parmesan cheese and spices served with a spicy remoulade. Don’t expect to be able to finish this appetizer by yourself. Come hungry and bring loved ones to share this savory treat with. We used it as an appetizer for our family of four and we still couldn’t finish it all. Reservations do not need to be made in advance but they are highly recommended.

Location: New Orleans Square- Disneyland Park

House-made Funnel Cake- Hungry Bear Restaurant

I love fair food. Yummy comfort food that is not at all healthy. Funnel cakes are probably my favorite. Hungry Bear Restaurant brings the fair to Disneyland with its house-made funnel cake. Fried dough that is crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside topped with cinnamon and sugar. Add a drizzle of caramel and a few dollops of whipped cream and you have perfection in a pastry.

Location: Critter Country- Disneyland Park

Beef Gyro Platter- Paradise Garden Grill

Savory beef and cucumbers are topped with a tzatziki sauce and wrapped in a pita. It is both tangy and delicious. Served with a chopped green and tomato salad.

Location: Paradise Pier- Disney’s California Adventure

Baked Fish Tacos- Rancho de Zocalo Restaurante

Mmmm.... fish tacos. Another food I can’t get enough of. The fish tacos at Rancho de Zocalo Restaurante did not disappoint. They’re served with Mexican rice and refried beans. I could’ve done without the beans but everything else was delicious.

Location: Frontierland- Disneyland Park

Honey Bee Frozen Lemonade- Hungry Bear Restaurant

While you’re enjoying a delicious sugar-coma-inducing funnel cake, you should add just a little more sweetness with the Honey Bee Frozen Lemonade. It’s topped with whipped cream, and a stick of hardened honey gives it a nice touch.

Location: Critter Country- Disneyland Park

Monte Cristo Sandwich- Cafe Orleans

This was, hands-down, my favorite thing I ate while at Disneyland. Turkey, ham, and Swiss cheese sandwiched between pieces of fried dough and dusted with powdered sugar. Served with a berry sauce for dipping. The flavors mingle to create the perfect combination of salty and sweet.

Location: New Orleans Square- Disneyland Park

With so many options to choose from, it can be overwhelming to decide what to eat at Disneyland. Hopefully, this list will give you a few ideas and eliminate some of the stress. For more information about Disneyland dining, as well as to get current restaurant menus and make reservations, check out the Disneyland website.

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