8 Must Do Attractions at Disneyland Paris

Attractions at Disneyland Paris- star wars

 Disneyland Paris is a mix of classic Disney rides and unique attractions. Whether visiting for a week-long family vacation or just a day trip as part of a longer Europe trip, here are eight must-do attractions at Disneyland Paris. It should be mentioned that these attractions are in no particular order.

Phantom Manor

Disneyland Paris’ equivalent of the Haunted Mansion in the US parks, Phantom Manor takes guests on a ride through a grand haunted estate. The ride is in a prime location in Disneyland Park- up on a hill in Frontierland, overlooking the rest of the park. Just looking at the eery beauty of the estate lures you to enter.

The ride is quite a bit darker than the Haunted Mansion, abandoning the concept of “happy haunts” up to a bit of mischief and leaning more towards the macabre. I would think twice about taking my young kids on it but I thought it was great fun. I would definitely ride it again.

Ratatouille: The Adventure

Ratatouille shrinks you down to the size of a mouse in Cousteau’s kitchen. Guests don 3-D glasses and climb aboard adorable mouse cars before being whisked away on a chase through the kitchen. Obstacles come alive throughout the ride and surprise spray makes it even more unpredictable and exciting.

I loved Ratatouille. My sister, mom, and I rode it as single riders and then went back a little later to ride again using our Fastpasses. And I would’ve ridden it many more times if I had the time. A similar ride is scheduled to open up in Epcot this summer and I am so excited!

Pro tip: The line for Ratatouille can get long quickly. Once you enter Walt Disney Studios, head over to get a Fastpass to minimize your wait time. Or if you don’t mind splitting up your party, you can use the single rider line which should also cut your wait time down significantly.

Attractions at Disneyland Paris

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

I’ll be honest, before my trip to Disneyland Paris, it had been years since I rode a Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. My kids were never tall enough to ride on our trips to Disney World and it was never a big enough priority for me to go on it by myself. So the last time I rode Big Thunder Mountain Railroad was probably over a decade ago at Disneyland in California.

Please don’t make the same mistake. Big Thunder Mountain Railroad was my favorite ride of the day. We got several Fastpasses back to back for this attraction because we just couldn’t get enough of it. A few months later, I made sure that David, Ladybug, and I rode it during our trip to Disney World. And now that I’ve been on this ride in Orlando, California, and Paris, I can say that the one in Paris is the best of all of them. This celebrated coaster depicting the mining town in the American Wild West is one of Disneyland Paris’ best attractions and it is not to be missed.

Disney’s Illuminations Show

If you only do one thing on your trip to Disneyland Paris (not that you would because that’s just weird) make sure you don’t miss the Illuminations nighttime show at Disneyland Park. I have seen my fair share of Disney shows and parades during my trips to the various parks. But Illuminations is my very favorite. Disney really outdid itself when it created this show which is projected on the castle and pays tribute to beloved Disney and Pixar classics through music and special effects.

La Tanière du Dragon

Below Sleeping Beauty’s castle lives a dragon. No really, there is actually a dragon in the cave below the castle. What I love about La Tanière du Dragon is that it is so unique. It’s a walk-through exhibit so there is no ride associated with it but there isn’t anything similar to it in Disney World or Disneyland in California.

Attractions at Disneyland Paris

Pirates of the Caribbean

Pirates of the Caribbean has always been one of my favorite rides. The ride varies a little from those in Florida and California, with more drops and thrills, but the basic elements are there. Pirates of the Caribbean is one of those iconic Disney rides and shouldn’t be missed.

Star Wars Hyperspace Mountain

I have to be completely honest with you, I did not go on Hyperspace Mountain. Did I want to go on it? Heck no! I haven’t enjoyed Space Mountain any time I’ve ridden so I had no problem skipping it. My sister rode it, however, and she admitted that it was pretty intense. Do I still think it should be on a list of not to miss attractions? I sure do. Do I think you should ride it? If you’re into that kind of ride. Even I can’t deny that it should be on any list of must-dos for thrill seekers.

Disney’s Stars on Parade

Disney’s entertainment is top-notch. If you love parades, Stars on Parade is one of the must-do attractions at Disneyland Paris. It brings heaps of magical perfection together in a fun celebration of Disney characters. Make sure to arrive early because spots go quickly. A great spot to view the parade is along the back side of Sleeping Beauty’s castle just down from It’s a Small World. While viewing Stars on Parade, you’ll catch a glimpse of many beloved Disney characters as they dance, wave, and sing while making their way through the park.

Pro tip: Make sure to consult a times guide to find out the current time of the parade. Keep in mind that if you plan to visit both parks on the same day, you will want to visit Walt Disney Studios earlier in the day. Walt Disney Studios closes earlier during the winter so depending on the time of year you visit, you may not have much time to explore after the parade.

This is not an all-inclusive list. Disneyland Paris is full of attractions that delight, thrill, and entertain everyone who visits. Those visiting with kids may want to add Alice’s Curious Labyrinth and the Princess Pavilion to their list of must-do attractions. Thrill seekers may want to add Indiana Jones. However, this list of must-do attractions at Disneyland Paris is your starting point for creating a magical itinerary for everyone in your travel party.

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