In which neighborhood to stay in Agadir?

In which neighborhood to stay in Agadir?
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Are you planning a trip to Morocco and don't know where to stay in Agadir? Then check out our list of the best areas of the city!

Located on the Atlantic coast, in the Sus region of southwestern Morocco, Agadir is known as one of the most beautiful destinations in the country. This city with a vibrant but relaxed atmosphere is home to one of the most beautiful bays in the world, with beautiful sandy beaches where you can relax all year round.

Thanks to its exceptionally mild climate throughout the year, travelers will be able to enjoy an enchanting setting and a pleasant stay no matter when they choose to discover the beautiful Berber city.

Lovers of the beach and idleness will delight in the shores of Agadir during the day, as well as at night when the surroundings of the bay come alive with its bars, cafes, and discos! Experienced or novice surfers will also enjoy a sports session according to the waves that come ashore on the shores of the city.

And if you are looking for calm or discovery, charming walks await you in the Old Town, the Medina of Agadir, or at the top of the Kasbah otherwise named Agadir Oufella, where a superb view of the city awaits you. Whatever the reason for your visit to Agadir, you can only enjoy your stay in Morocco.

So where to stay in Agadir to enjoy such a beautiful holiday? Choosing your accommodation in Agadir is the first step in a successful stay. So to help you prepare for your trip to Morocco, we have listed for you the best neighborhoods to stay in Agadir!

    The City Center and the Beach of Agadir

    Don't know where to stay in Agadir? To enjoy the beach and the festive atmosphere of the city, the city center as well as the tourist area of the beach are perfect for accommodation in Agadir.

    Nestled around the Amazigh Culture Museum and the Loubnan Mosque, the city center is perfectly located to access all the attractions of the city, whether it is the Agadir Oufella and the magnificent view, or the wide white sand beach that protects the bay. All along this charming shore, you will find many options for your accommodation in Agadir, and this is for all budgets. As for activities as you will have understood, Agadir offers something to do: water sports, a guided tour of the city, hiking and excursions in the desert are among the things to experience during your stay!


    Located north of Agadir, along the ocean, Anza is a superb area to stay in Agadir.

    Surfing enthusiasts will particularly appreciate Anza. Because along its beautiful beach, beautiful waves crash on the shore! A perfect spot awaits budding surfers. For the uninitiated, the charming beach of Anza will be an opportunity to enjoy the sun, relax and lie on the warm sand, in a quieter atmosphere than on the beach of Agadir. And above all, do not be afraid to get bored, Anza also has many bars, restaurants, and cafes to enjoy a pleasant lunch or to have fun at nightfall! We can only recommend this charming area of Anza for your accommodation in Agadir.

    Swiss City

    The city's oldest villas can be found in this little neighborhood. It is a particularly attractive residential area, with its superb homes, bordered by the streets where the big official buildings are located. To stay in Agadir, the Cité Suisse is perfect: well located, you will have no trouble reaching the beautiful beach of Agadir, the charming restaurants of the city center as well as the other festive enterprises dotting the bay.


    The Founty sector, located south of Agadir beach, is home to some of the city's most attractive and elegant hotels and resorts, including the two Sofitel hotels and the Hotel Palais des Roses, as well as other high-end institutions. To enjoy incredible comfort, we recommend that you choose a hotel in this area for your accommodation in Agadir.

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