Motorcycle trip to Morocco : Itinerary and tips for a successful stay!

Motorcycle trip to Morocco :  Itinerary and tips for a successful stay!

Do you dream of discovering a new country by crossing kilometers of track on two wheels? And your choice fell on Morocco? That's a great idea. The roads of Morocco are incredible and the landscapes are so varied. Each new day will be forever etched in your memories. But no more simply dreaming about it, it's time for you to make this stay a reality and prepare for your future motorcycle trip to Morocco.

Need to know more? We tell you everything today about the best circuit to choose and how to organize yourself well.

    Motorcycle trip to Morocco: when to go?

    Motorcycle trip to Morocco :  Itinerary and tips for a successful stay!

    Morocco is a fairly extensive country, which has varied climates depending on the reliefs and regions. There are deserts, mountains, plains, and a coastline that is both oceanic and Mediterranean.

    At the same time, you may suffer from the cold in the mountains and sweltering heat in the plains, depending on the itinerary of your motorcycle trip to Morocco. It will therefore be particularly necessary to equip yourself for your stay and wear an outfit adapted to these variations in climate.

    The Atlantic coast is the region with the most pleasant climate throughout the year. Winters are mild and summers are hot and sunny. The interior plains have an arid climate. On the other hand, along the Mediterranean coast, we will find a climate close to that present in the south of France.

    However, your motorcycle trip to Morocco will surely take you to crisscross the roads of the Atlas. In this more mountainous region, one will find harsh winters with frequent snowfall, as well as regular rainfall during autumn and winter. In summer, on the other hand, we will experience pleasant temperatures (20 ° C on average) and a sunny climate.


    Motorcycle trip to Morocco :  Itinerary and tips for a successful stay!

    For all these reasons, we will often prefer to visit Morocco by motorcycle in spring, in order to avoid the strong heat of summer and the humidity more present in autumn. The tourist influx will also be less important at this time. Isn't that the period you were considering? Find our climate analysis, month after month, on Morocco to learn more.

    How to equip yourself for your motorcycle trip to Morocco?

    You are probably looking for the ideal outfit to cross Morocco by motorcycle. Heat will often be present on the roads during your trip, so it will be necessary to provide safe clothes, but also breathable.

    If you're leaving mid-season, you'll need to keep in mind that showers are common in some areas. A waterproof outfit will therefore also be preferred.

    Motorcycle Universal Cover

    Does your itinerary go through the desert? Do not forget, in this case, to equip yourself with a mask that will protect your face.

    In any case, bring enough water with you and if possible a Camelback bag to have easier access to it. It is also advisable to carry a can of gasoline with you, as the stations are not very regular outside the towns and villages. Your GPS will also be a good ally to travel the roads of Morocco by motorcycle.

    For the choice of motorcycle, it will depend on your desire to go with an agency or not. Most tour packages include motorbike rental directly on-site. That said, it's pretty easy to cross the border into Morocco with your own vehicle.

    Motorcycle trip to Morocco: the administrative procedures

    To go on a motorcycle trip to Morocco, you will need to have a valid passport in your possession. No visa is required for a stay of fewer than 3 months in some countries. for more information check this official website.

    Driving with a French license is normally accepted for a period of one year in Morocco. As a precaution, remember to apply for an international permit, free of charge, before your departure. If you are going to Morocco with your own vehicle, also know that it will have to be registered by customs upon arrival. As a result, travelers who leave without their vehicle must pay a large fine. That is why, in case of theft, remember to keep in your possession a declaration of theft.

    Vaccines are not mandatory, but those for hepatitis A and typhoid fever are advised. Remember to check your DTP reminder. Hospital infrastructure has evolved well within the country, but it is still preferable to be repatriated in case of heavy hospitalization.

    Thus, for your health, it is always useful to subscribe to health insurance that covers you internationally as well as repatriation insurance. But you will be able to check before your departure if it is not included with your credit card.

    Driving on a motorcycle trip to Morocco: practical information

    Motorcycle trip to Morocco :  Itinerary and tips for a successful stay!

    Morocco obviously has a highway code. However, in practice, it is little respected, especially outside cities. Non-compliance with speed limits, overtaking on the right, prohibited direction... Driving in Morocco is often a real adventure. You will therefore have to be particularly vigilant on two wheels, during a motorcycle trip to Morocco.

    Wearing a helmet is mandatory for the driver and his passenger on a motorcycle. However, you will see that this rule is not always respected. However, the fatal accident rate is higher than in France with a much lower number of motorcyclists. So be careful during your stay. Wearing your helmet in all circumstances can prevent you from serious injury.

    Motorcycle travel itinerary in Morocco

    Motorcycle trip to Morocco :  Itinerary and tips for a successful stay!

    To organize your trip, you can go through a specialized agency that will accompany you on a motorcycle travel itinerary, where the pleasure will be at the rendezvous. Crossing the dunes of the Sahara, riding on the Atlas plateaus: your motorcycle trip in Morocco promises to be filled with a change of scenery and varied panoramas. The colors will change from the orange of the dunes to the Ocher of the plains, without forgetting the white of the snow-capped peaks. For sure, you will be amazed.

    Among the mythical roads of Morocco, we will of course see the Tizi n'Tichka pass, with its many twisted turns. This road is located in the High Atlas and culminates at 2260 m above sea level. Most routes offer a passage through this pass, and it is not for nothing, as it is the image of the pleasure of the road that can be experienced in Morocco.

    Of course, you won't just be riding during your trip. It will also be an opportunity to discover another culture. For this, why not spend a night in a Tuareg camp in the middle of the Moroccan desert, visit the many historic villages, and palm groves, and venture into the sand dunes... The motorcycle will give you the freedom to see the maximum and stop anywhere.

    Here are some ideas to build your motorcycle travel itinerary in Morocco:

    Motorcycle trip to Morocco :  Itinerary and tips for a successful stay!

    · Marrakech: this city is often a good starting point for the tour

    · Tizi n'Tichka Pass: winding roads of the High Atlas

    · Ouarzazate: one of the most beautiful cities in Morocco

    · The Draa Valley: It runs along the Drâa River for many kilometers and offers beautiful landscapes

    · Imilchil Plateau: pretty road at an altitude

    · Lake Bin El Ouidane: a wonderful panorama to discover in the Atlas.

    That's it, you now have in your possession all the practical information to prepare for your motorcycle trip to Morocco. Share with us in the comments the highlights of your stay and the circuit you have chosen.

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