The main celebrations and festivals in Morocco


Festivals, Moussems, and events follow one another throughout the year in the four corners of Morocco. For the uninitiated, a Moussem is a cultural event, often religious but sometimes also secular, which can be related to the harvest, the saints (Muslims), or nature. Why not take advantage of your trip to take part in or attend one of these festive events? Our local expert in Morocco will take you there!.

    The festival of the almond trees

    It is the flowering of the almond trees that is the queen of the festival. In Morocco, it takes place around January/February or even December. The almond trees then color the city of Tafraoute with bright and vivid colors. Dancers, musicians, and storytellers take turns to entertain you during this event that celebrates the arrival of spring. As I said, the date of this festival can be very variable, but if the program of your tour corresponds, I would be happy to make you discover this festival!

    International festival of nomads in M'hamid El Ghizlane

    Once a year in March, the International Festival of Nomads is held in M'hamid El Ghizlane, 90 km south of Zagora in the Draa Valley. Handicrafts, painting, weaving ... But also and especially songs, music and dances, stories, and poetry are performed by artists during the event. A real immersion in the local culture that I like to propose to travelers.

    Rose Moussem in Kelaa M'Gouna

    The cultivation of roses is a widespread activity in the beautiful valleys of Dades and M'goun. I propose you discover a festival that celebrates the blooming of roses in May. A colorful step in your journey! Men and women meet, dressed in their most beautiful costumes and accompanied by singers, flute, and drum players. 

    The inhabitants of Kelaa M'Gouna and the neighboring villages throw rose petals at the visitors, sprinkle them with rose water and everyone gathers to elect the "queen of roses".

    The wax festival in Salé


    Also known as the "Moussem of candles" or the "wax procession", this event takes place every year in Salé on the eve of Eid al Mawlid, the festival commemorating the birth of the Prophet. You will be able to attend a very beautiful traditional celebration, with a candle procession through the streets of this city. 

    Moroccans parade carrying large, colorful candles, which they then place at the foot of the mausoleum Sidi Abdellah ben Hassoun.

    The Moussem of Tan Tan

    The Moussem of TanTan takes place over a few days in June. Since 2008, the event is classified as World Intangible Heritage by UNESCO. It is an opportunity for more than thirty nomadic tribes of Morocco to meet. It is also to perpetuate the Sahrawi culture, that is to say, the culture of these nomadic populations living in the Western Moroccan Sahara. You will be able to attend horse and camel races, musical encounters, songs and dances, presentations of handicrafts, medicinal plants, and other aspects of the local culture. It must be said that one can only be bewitched by the atmosphere that prevails here, both festive and authentic.

    Festival of Popular Arts in Marrakech

    Created in 1960 by His Majesty King Mohammed V, this folk festival is the oldest of the festivals in Morocco. In July, artisans, storytellers, singers, and dancers from all over Morocco take to the streets of Marrakech! These dances and songs correspond to important moments of religious or rural life, the objective being to keep this traditional culture alive. I invite travelers to stroll through the Medina or the Menara, where the troupes perform, especially in the evening. If you travel to Marrakech during the festival, it is a must!

    Honey festival in Immouzzer Ida Outanan

    Imouzzer of Ida Outanane is a village perched at an altitude of 1,250 m, 60 km from Agadir. It is a stage that I generally propose to the amateurs of the hike, the corner is superb with its waterfalls! One of the main activities of the locals is beekeeping, the honey with the aromas of flowers, thyme, lavender, or cactus is known for its originality throughout Morocco. The honey festival takes place every year in August, but it can be tasted all year round. If you have opted for a tour passing through the region, I can only recommend a gourmet stop!

    Saffron Festival in Taliouine

    This festival, created in 2007, will give you ideas for using this spice! Cultivated for centuries in the mountainous areas of the Taliouine-Taznakht region, saffron is the main source of income for the locals. During this gathering, saffron plantations and cooperatives will offer workshops, tastings of traditional Moroccan dishes, or participation in sports activities. The streets are animated, people sing and dance, it is a break that can be pleasant for travelers!.
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