Agadir or Marrakech Which city to choose in Morocco for a holiday?

Agadir or Marrakech Which city to choose in Morocco for a holiday?

Not so far from each other, Agadir and Marrakech are two cities with very different faces and that will not bring you the same thing during holidays in Morocco. Successful holidays in both of them, but the choice is sometimes difficult and depends mainly on your expectations. So, rather Agadir or Marrakech? We give you some clues in this article...

    Agadir or Marrakech : Swimming in the open sea : Agadir

    Agadir or Marrakech Which city to choose in Morocco for a holiday?

    If you want to enjoy the Ocean from sunrise to sunset, it is in Agadir that you must fly because it is a seaside city while Marrakech is in little retreat inland. To have your feet in the water by jumping from bed (right foot!), choose Agadir and its coast bathed by the Atlantic Ocean. The beach of Agadir is covered with fine sand on which it is possible to walk for a distance of 6 kilometers. 

    Swimming is supervised if you come with children and of course, water activities are offered: surfing, body boarding, sea canoeing, sailboat, jet skiing, pedal boat, and obviously all types of diving. In anticipation; unforgettable moments to live with family, couple, friends, or single.

    For the choice of tourist activities: Marrakech

    Agadir or Marrakech Which city to choose in Morocco for a holiday?

    Even if Agadir remains a highly coveted tourist destination, it is not the one to choose if you want to have a large choice of activities for holidays with family or friends. The offer is mainly focused on water activities and you will not necessarily find many things to visit. So if you want a sunny holiday, heritage, and traditional discoveries, it is better to opt for Marrakech. 

    Classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Marrakech offers a multitude of tourist resources. You can stroll through the Jemaa el Fna Square (with its funny monkeys!) and enjoy its entertainment even in April, haggle on the different souks, and walk in the palm grove and the Majorelle Garden of Yves Saint-Laurent. Nicknamed the ocher city, Marrakech will delight you with its enchanted gardens, palaces, and mosques and you will not have too much of a day to discover its Medina and its picturesque streets as well as its secret corners that will reveal themselves to you.

    Want to calm down: Agadir

    Agadir or Marrakech Which city to choose in Morocco for a holiday?

    If you are looking for calm, relaxation, and relaxation, Agadir is the perfect destination. Because this very recent seaside resort, rebuilt after a terrible earthquake, about fifty years ago is much quieter than Marrakech. The latter brings together many more inhabitants, scattered construction sites, and a lot of noise. 

    In Agadir, you can spend your days at the beach or stroll on the sand along the sea and enjoy a serene and calm atmosphere with as few horns as possible, the sounds of cranes, etc ... Spring is a pleasant season to enjoy the resort without the scorching temperatures and with a little fewer tourists.

    To enjoy the sea and the mountains: Marrakech

    Agadir or Marrakech Which city to choose in Morocco for a holiday?

    If Marrakech does not have the chance to be directly on the Atlantic coast, its geographical location is still privileged enough to offer its guests a holiday of choice. Its relative proximity to both the atlas and the ocean makes it possible to combine nautical and mountainous activities. You can make excursions, hikes, treks, and visits to valleys. You can also enjoy the ocean by not traveling too far if you go to the lagoon of Oualidia or the beaches of Essaouira and Safi. And then in winter, Morocco can boast of having the highest ski resort in Africa open to the public between 100 and 120 days a year (mid-December to mid-April). 

    Located just 70 kilometers from Marrakech, Oukaïmeden will offer the whole family hours of skiing on a ski area of more than 25 kilometers in a splendid panorama located between 2650 and 3269 meters. So fly away!

    For the All inclusive: Agadir

    Agadir or Marrakech Which city to choose in Morocco for a holiday?

    For a holiday in winter, if you like hotel stays with an "all-inclusive" option, unlimited swimming pool, shops, meals served at any time, and feet under the table. Opt for Agadir, which has many modern hotels with all the comforts desired for a lazy holiday without headaches and without hiccups. Beach, dives, tranquility, all on-site for an all-inclusive holiday at very interesting prices as a single, with friends or family.

    Agadir or Marrakech: Hot climate or very hot climate?

    Even though Marrakech and Agadir are only 3 hours apart, their climate is noticeably different. While Agadir has a warm climate, Marrakech has a very hot one (especially in summer) due to its proximity to the desert. For an off-school holiday in autumn, a stay in November in Marrakech is a nice option. 

    Tourist places will be less overcrowded and the weather will still be mild enough to enjoy a sunny holiday. And with a little luck you can celebrate Morocco's Independence Day (November 18) and participate in other festivals (astronomy festival) and activities (Green March) offered this season. Sun at the rendezvous for a holiday with a well-calculated budget.

    To learn more about the climate and the best times:

    For night outings: Marrakech

    Agadir or Marrakech Which city to choose in Morocco for a holiday?

    If you want to take advantage of your holidays to entertain yourself also at night, Marrakech is a destination that will satisfy you because the city offers a wide variety of bars and clubs. You will find traditional restaurants to taste tagine, couscous, harira, pastilla, or tanjia, discos (the largest offers no less than 900 m2 of the dance floor!), and lounge bars in the regional style. 

    In the district of Jemaa el Fna, music lovers will be delighted to find concerts in the street and restaurants or bars offering dinner shows. And if you are a player, there are at least two casinos that will give you the opportunity to try your luck at English roulette, slot machines, or blackjack. The games are made! Nothing is wrong anymore!

    Did you choose? For you, it will be Marrakech or Agadir?

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