A Spanish Trip: Low-Cost Living

 Spain is an immensely popular destination for travelers thanks to its beautiful beaches, exciting cities, and relatively low cost of living. One of the major bonuses when visiting Spain is that your spending cash should stretch a lot further if you’re wise with your money.

Book before you leave

Spain holidays are a financially wise move due to the low costs but the popularity of this country means you should book your flights and accommodations well before departure. Using a couple of travel comparison websites will give you a good range of accommodation choices but remember that summer vacations will come with premium prices.

The good news is that outside of the peak summer months, you will find plenty of value-for-money choices. You can of course just turn up and search for a room but expect to pay $20 for a hostel and $45 - $70 for a private hotel room, per night.

Budget beach resorts

It might sound strange but, due to the competition, you will find a wider choice of accommodation at the popular beach resorts. Those along the Costa del Sol and the Costa del Luz hold an immense amount of hotels and self-catering apartments all competing for your customers.

Accommodation fills up quickly during June, July, and August but outside of these months, you can easily find low-cost rooms. Remember that many of the Spanish Islands such as Majorca and Ibiza are year-round sunshine destinations but you will still find lower prices during spring, autumn, and winter.

Local Dishes

To find tasty but inexpensive good food in Spain, follow the locals. Avoiding the ‘laminated menu’ tourist trap restaurants is a good idea and in Spanish cities such as Madrid and Barcelona, there are plenty of excellent restaurants serving traditional tapas and paella.

Snacks such as sandwiches should set you back around $5 but can be more expensive in the cities. If you eat where the locals eat then expect to pay around $15 - $30 for a decent evening meal, usually with wine included.

Exploring the country

Getting around Spain is pretty inexpensive. Train fares cost more than buses, which are a good low-cost option, and car rental can be one of the best options available. If you’re planning on some sightseeing around Spain then you can hire a car for around $25 per day, but always keep an eye out for the extra charges. Major cities such as Barcelona offer city cards, which once purchased will provide you with free admission to popular sightseeing venues as well as unlimited use of public transport.

Fun, free & low-cost activities

Spain is the perfect option for lovers of the great outdoors and it won’t cost a thing to spend days out on some of the world’s most beautiful beaches. The country is also home to some stunning national parks: 14 in total, with beautiful mountains, rivers, and lakes. The cities will offer sightseeing attractions including museums, art galleries, and historic buildings.

You don’t need an unlimited budget if you’re spending time in this beautiful part of the world. The Spanish locals will always be more than happy to provide recommendations when it comes to finding the best value-for-money restaurants, entertainment, and sightseeing options.

Images by lecercle, alobos Life, Erik Campo, and Ekaterina Starchuk are used under creative commons license.