The Santa Monica Mountains: Experience the Great Outdoors on Your Holiday

If you are planning a trip to Santa Monica, California, you should take time out of your busy schedule to enjoy the Santa Monica Mountains. By visiting the mountains, you will give yourself a breath of fresh air and relief from everyday stresses. In fact, to best benefit from the great outdoors, here are 4 activities to enjoy while at the Santa Monica Mountains:

1. Camping

If you want to get away from everything for your trip, you can take advantage of everything that the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area has to offer. In fact, there are a number of campgrounds you can take advantage of from Point Mugu State Park to Topanga State Park.

When you use the campgrounds, you should know that dogs are typically allowed on National Park campgrounds and trials, but only if they are on leashes that are 6 feet or less. However, at state parks, dogs are only allowed in picnic areas, campgrounds, and specific beaches.

It should also be known that fires may be prohibited depending on where you stay. While fires are not allowed at NPS sites, California State Parks may be more lenient. However, California State Parks will restrict fires depending on environmental conditions and fire danger levels.

2. Climbing

For people that love to rock climb, the Santa Monica Mountains will not disappoint. In fact, due to its close proximity to Los Angeles, rock climbing sites such as the Malibu Creek State Park to Echo Cliffs are increasing in popularity. To best ensure everyone's safety and protect the park's natural resources, rock climbers have to work together with the National Park Service to keep things running smoothly.

In order to make the most of your experience, you need to plan your routes, bring the necessary gear, and use good climbing techniques.

3. Horseback Riding

If you own a horse, you can go horseback riding through the Santa Monica Mountains. Whether you want to take a quick ride or stay overnight, the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area offers over 500 miles of trails. However, you will need to make sure that you can get your horse trailer to the final destination, so learn the condition of the access road beforehand.

4. Mountain Biking

There are many trails through the Santa Monica Mountains to take advantage of for mountain bikers of all ages. With diverse terrain, you will be able to challenge yourself like never before. However, you will need to make sure that your bike is in good condition and that you are protected in order to bike safely. Additionally, you will need to practice safe biking habits in order to reduce your impact on the environment.

Although camping may be ideal when mountain biking, you can still look into Santa Monica hotels for your vacation. All you will need to do is comparison shop to find the best rates and services that match your budget and preferences.

For adventurers that cannot get enough of the great outdoors, visiting the Santa Monica Mountains is a must for your next vacation.

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