Traveling to Morocco As A Woman

 Traveling to Morocco as a woman has been a wonderful experience for any of my guests that have come to visit.

In general, the people of Morocco are very respectful and welcome all visitors.

As a country that lives from having many tourists visiting each year the whole country is very accessible including Women.

My wife who is from Morocco and I have traveled to many places in Morocco, more places than most Moroccans I might add, and being from the UK myself I can tell you first hand I’ve never seen or heard of any woman having trouble traveling whilst in Morocco.

In fact, ladies are very well respected which starts back at home as mothers are the pride and joy of the household and they are the ones that have raised their families to be respectful of others and it really shows.

I have been made to feel super welcome by my in-laws and every one of the family and extended family or friends has always gone out of their way to help me.

You will find people in Morocco always willing to help or engage in a conversation with you if you open yourself up to experience different cultures I can tell you as a woman you will definitely feel comfortable!

As Morocco has become so popular over the years, many women are traveling to Morocco, some with groups of friends with their families are even solo.

Morocco offers a vast array of experiences and has a diverse culture dating back many years from the Berber people to being occupied for some time by the French and also Portuguese.

The local markets or souks as they are called in Arabic offer a wonderful experience to meet local people and experience another way of life, local produce and handicrafts something which Morocco is very well known for.

If you are looking for a new bag or pair of shoes are sandals, you will find an abundance of choices on your trip.

Is it safe to go to Morocco as a female?

It is totally safe to travel to Morocco as a female. I've had many female friends come to visit me and my wife in Morocco as they’ve been made to feel very welcome.

A walk to the shop alone has never even been an issue nor when visiting the tourist attractions or the souks (local markets).

The security in Morocco is world-famous for knowing everything going on in Morocco and you should take comfort in the fact that you are being protected from the government and police whilst there.

Is it Safe for Solo Female Travel in Morocco?

Absolutely it's safe to travel to Morocco as a solo female. In fact, the country has become so popular with bloggers, travel vloggers, and solo females making up a vast majority of the visitors traveling to Morocco.

Many ladies travel to Morocco solo for the purpose of taking a break and meeting up for Yoga retreats or going hiking in the wonderful mountains or surfing on the many wonderful beaches.

Like anywhere in the world you should take your safety measures into consideration and just enjoy yourself and be open to meeting new people and experiences. It's a very enriching place in Morocco.

What should female tourists wear in Morocco?

You can dress how you feel comfortable in Morocco. When I say appropriately I don't mean wearing a bikini in the market but being comfortable in the type of clothing you choose to wear for the purpose of your trip.

In the markets or walking around a lot it can get warm in the summer so dresses, skirts, leggings, etc are all perfectly fine to wear.

Around the pool or at the beach swimsuits and bikinis if you prefer are allowed. Bear in mind there are families around so again swim and be free and be considerate when you are sunbathing.

Do I need to wear a headscarf in Morocco?

It is not mandatory to wear a headscarf in Morocco. Some tourists like to wear one but I believe this is more a fashion-style accessory than anything else.

A headscarf can definitely help to protect your face from the sun and can certainly jazz up a nice dress should you choose to wear one.

Headscarves are worn by local ladies as part of their religious beliefs and you will find many making wonderful-looking headscarves out of the vast array of textiles and materials available on the markets.

Fashion is definitely kept in mind vs other Middle Eastern countries I have visited that tend to adopt the traditional black color scarves but in Morocco, you will find a lot of wonderful colors being used and color coordination.

In Summary

My advice to anyone traveling to Morocco is to research where you will be visiting so you will at least have a good understanding of where you will be, and the places to visit and get some inside tips from people who have visited before you.

A great place to do this is Youtube where there are many videos of people who have visited Morocco.

Safe trip and enjoy yourself!

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